Graduate School

Opportunities abound for Mathematics majors interested in pursuing a graduate degree. If you are considering graduate school, the Internet is an excellent resource for researching graduate programs. Some obvious questions to consider are:

  • What are your ultimate career goals, and what programs are best at putting students into those kind of jobs?
  • Are you ready to go for a PhD, or should you start with a Master’s degree?
  • Are you interested in a teaching assistantship or a research assistantship to help pay your way, and can you afford to live on the stipend offered by a specific program?

Of course, before you get to grad school there are some tests to take. The Educational Testing Service web site provides information about the GRE General and Mathematics Subject Tests, including some practice tests that you can download for free. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for the GRE, especially the Subject Test, as it is offered only two or three times a year. The following book is a good resource for students planning on graduate school: “All the Mathematics You Missed: But Need to Know for Graduate School” by Thomas Garrity.

Several recent UMW alumni have gone on to graduate school in Mathematics, Statistics, and related fields . Look at below for information about recent graduates of the UMW Mathematics Department who have gone on to graduate school.

Graduate Studies of UMW Mathematics Graduates


Below is a list of some of the graduate programs that our alumni have entered. If you are a recent alum and would like to be included on this site, drop us an email.

  • College of William and Mary – Physics
  • George Washington University – Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Montana State University – Applied Mathematics
  • Pennsylvania State University – Mathematics
  • Royal Holloway College – Discrete Mathematics and Computing Applications
  • Stanford University – Economics
  • University of Arizona – Mathematics
  • University of California, Davis – Applied Mathematics
  • University of Connecticut – Mathematics
  • University of Delaware – Astrophysics, Mathematics
  • University of Florida – Financial Mathematics
  • University of Maryland – Mathematics
  • University of North Carolina – Applied Mathematics
  • University of Texas – Physics
  • University of Virginia – Mathematics
  • University of Wyoming – Applied Mathematics
  • Virginia Commonwealth University – Biostatistics
  • Virginia Tech – Statistics, Mathematics
  • Wake Forest University – Accounting
  • Wesleyan University – Applied Mathematics