Scott, Kelly

  Name: Kelly Scott

Year Graduated: 2012

First Job (or school) after UMW: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Atlantic

Notable accomplishments/activities while at UMW:

Oscar Schultz Award; Graduated Magna Cum Laude with departmental honors; UMW Swim Team, Captain; Relay for Life Committee Member

Favorite Course:

Foundations of Mathematics…It’s not required, but really should be!

Memorable Experiences in the Classroom:

Writing and defending an honors thesis on Anti-Blocking Sets with my advisor, Dr. Keith Mellinger, is one of my most proud academic achievements. On a different note, I also really enjoyed being apart of the selection process for hiring a new professor my junior year. By getting involved in the math department I was able to attend various talks/lectures and then go to dinner afterwards with the candidates.

Memorable Experiences Outside the Classroom:

Participating in Relay for Life and watching hundreds of college kids stay up all night and play games for a great cause!

Why Should Somebody Study Mathematics at UMW?

The professors are great!  And a degree in mathematics is very respected because of the way it shapes your brain to tackle complex and difficult problems. My advice would be to take advantage of the smaller class sizes at UMW and really get to know your professors and peers. Go to office hours, ask a ton of questions, and work with your classmates. You will get to meet a lot of smart and incredible people!