Dahlgren Research

Working under the direction of researchers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division and UMW faculty, our mathematics majors completed undergraduate research projects. Each year’s project titles and/or participating students are listed below, along with their UMW mentors:



  • Network Analysis: Identifying Nodes of Interest: Michael McKenna, Kirstyn Howard, and Alex Van Stippen(Dr. Hydorn)


  • Sleeping Beauties: Identifying Important Papers that go Unnoticed for Many Years: James Branton and Kelly McGrady  (Dr. Hydorn)
  • Language Recognition: Steven D. Hartzell and Lolita S. Jojic (Dr. Denhere)
  • Industrial Applications of Hidden Symmetries of Graphs: John Robie, Joe Dolan, and Brittany Armbright (Dr. Denhere)
  • Modeling Workforce Dynamics at NSWC Dahlgren: William Wilkinson (Dr. Garcia, COB)


  • Clifford Embeddings: a Problem in Quantum Coding Theory: Alaina Morello  (Dr. Mellinger)
  • The Eigenvectors of the Inter-Point Distance Matrix of Evenly Distributed Points in One Dimension: Michelle Craft (Dr. Hydorn)
  • The Relationship Between Multidimensional Scaling and Principal Components Analysis: Lauren Falkenstein and Heather Coleman (Dr. Hydorn)
  • Citation Prediction and Analysis: Travis Whitehead, Jonathan Blauvelt, Steven Hartzell, and Victoria Nguyen (Dr. Denhere)


  • Statistical Modeling and Analysis of Counts in Time:Kimberly Hildebrand and Candice Benshoff (Drs. Hydorn and Davies)
  • Citation Prediction and Analysis: William Etcho and Josiah Neuberger (Dr. Denhere)
  • String Edit Distance for Micro-blogging Text: Anthony Bell and Jonathan Blauvelt (Dr. Hydorn)
  • Simulation of a Social Network Graph: Cody Reibsome and Benjamin Blalock (Dr. Davies)