Driskell, Geoffrey


Name: Geoffrey Driskell

Year Graduated: 2011

First Job: Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren Division

Favorite Course:

Chaotic Dynamical Systems with Dr. Sumner and Financial Mathematics with Dr. Sumner.

Memorable Experiences in the Classroom:

Caroline and I getting a laugh out of Dr. Lehman with our joke about the Chinese Remainder Theorem during Number Theory class.

Memorable Experiences Outside the Classroom:

All of us competing together in the Radical Dash competition at the MAA conference. We made team t-shirts and had a blast working together on all of the challenges.

Why Should Somebody Study Mathematics at UMW?

Math is an extremely challenging but rewarding subject, and the math faculty at UMW is amazing! They honestly want every student that they teach to do well in all of their courses and they are always around to lend a helping hand if you need it. They also take the time to know their students through numerous outside of the classroom activities such as the annual math picnic. I cannot even count the number of times that I have come into the math department offices and had a professor ask me about my day, or how my family was doing. The faculty members at UMW have a wide range of mathematical interests which means you can easily find an area of math that you are passionate about. During my time at UMW I was encouraged to explore my passions through research projects and independent study opportunities. The bottom line is that whatever your goals in math are you will find a professor that is more than willing to help you accomplish them.