Department of Mathematics


James Farmer Hall at the University of Mary WashingtonThe interests and expertise of the mathematics faculty cover a broad range of mathematical areas, including algebra, analysis, topology (modern geometry), discrete mathematics (mathematics of computer science), number theory, statistics, and applied mathematics including, but not limited to dynamical systems, stochastic partial differential equations (mathematical models), scientific computation (numerical analysis and simulation), and financial mathematics. With this spectrum of faculty knowledge, the student is afforded an opportunity to learn the contemporary view of mathematics. Inside the classroom, student comprehension is the main concern of the faculty. Outside the classroom, the faculty offers opportunities for independent study, undergraduate research, and internship supervision.

Courses in mathematics vary from the theoretical to the applied. Thus, a major in mathematics can be a foundation for a career in industry, government, teaching, or the pursuit of a higher degree in graduate school. The department faculty encourages double majors, giving students entrance to a wide variety of fields upon graduation. Majors in other disciplines can be enhanced with one of our Minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Actuarial Science.  Description: Facebook Logo