Wolfe, Thomas

Name: Thomas Wolfe

Year Graduated: 2010

First Job: Ph.D. Program in Center for Computational and Medical Bioinformatics University of Michigan.


Best Undergraduate Statistics Poster 2009 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Washington D.C.

Favorite Course:

My favorite course was Chaotic Dynamical Systems. It was a wonderful applied mathematics course that allowed me to see an area where I could apply my Mathematics degree to my Biology degree. In looking at population dynamics from a more mathematical view helped me to understand the idea of mathematical models in populations and still helps to this day in graduate school. R.I.P. Benoit Mandelbrot.

Memorable Experiences in the Classroom:

I remember Dr. Collier’s drawings in my calculus classes with him. He was the professor that was the final push for me to become a math major. He made learning about calculus interesting and informative.

Memorable Experiences Outside the Classroom:

I will also always remember the Math parties outside of class. It was always fun talking with the professors and students in a non-classroom setting, and since the department is not too large, we are all really close.

Why Should Somebody Study Mathematics at UMW?

Studying Mathematics at UMW is one of the best decisions in my life. It has allowed me to be more versatile in my grad program and has also given me critical thinking skills which I can apply to my research. If you are looking for a primary major or looking to double major, Mathematics will make you much more attractive to potential grad schools and employers.