Snyder-Beattie, Andrew

Name: Andrew Snyder-Beattie

Year Graduated: 2011

First Job: NC State’s Applied Math PhD program

Special Recognitions:

Outstanding Presentation Award – “Geometric Brownian Motion, a Safe Assumption?” Mathfest 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Favorite Course:

Chaotic Dynamical Systems was a fun class that connected lots of topics ranging from analysis to ODE’s.  Probability and statistics was excellent in providing important background for tools used in many disciplines.

Memorable Experiences in the Classroom:

Dr. Collier ensures there is never a non-memorable experience in the classroom.

Memorable Experiences Outside the Classroom:

The conference in New Orleans wasn’t too shabby.

Why Should Somebody Study Mathematics at UMW?

The faculty are excellent, and the opportunities for undergraduate research are greater than they would be at a large school.  Mathematics is used in every scientific discipline, so your ability to explore the world in a scientific way is largely dependent on being fluent in mathematics and statistics.  So start practicing!