Duet, Jessica

Jessica Duet

Year Graduated: 2007

First Job: Massaponax High School

Special Recognitions:

Spotsylvania County First Year Teacher of the Year–High School Level.

Favorite Course:

I really enjoyed the three Calculus courses I took. Calc always interested me the most and I hope that one day I can teach AP Calc on the High School level!

Memorable Experiences in the Classroom:

Dr. Collier was my advisor for 4 years.  I took several classes with him as well and loved his teaching style.  I found that he was very helpful and encouraging when I struggled with a concept, which I really appreciated.

Memorable Experiences Outside the Classroom:

I enjoyed getting to know my fellow math majors through the activities that we did as a department.  I made some really good friends through the Math department.  Denise Glassford and I teach together at MHS, and Sarah Reese and I hang out about once a week.

Why Should Somebody Study Mathematics at UMW?

It’s challenging.  Higher education is about being pushed and challenged in ways that you never were in high school.  That’s what I was looking for in a major and I found it.  I don’t use Complex Analysis and Topology in my job everyday, but I’m glad that I challenged myself to learn and understand it.  I found the Math Major at UMW an interesting program with great professors and I would certainly recommend it for anyone looking to push themselves to learn.