Minor: Security and Conflict Studies

The minor in Security and Conflict Studies is designed to provide students with a foundation in the contemporary study of security and conflict in the world today. Students will learn and apply analytical frameworks that facilitate the selection of optimal policies for solving security and conflict problems. Students will also be exposed to and utilize frameworks that aide in the comprehension of unfolding events in security and conflict. Finally, students will learn about specific issues in security and conflict. Coursework covers topics encompassing the historical (e.g., the origins of World War II) to the contemporary (cyber warfare) and the conventional (threats to territorial integrity) to the cutting edge (disease as a security issue). Students completing the minor will be well equipped for graduate level inquiry and/or relevant careers in government or the private sector.

For more information, contact the Minor Program Director Jason Davidson.

Requirements for the Minor in Security and Conflict Studies

Eighteen (18) credits as follows:

1) Political Science 387.

2) Twelve (12) credits selected from the following group of courses (with at least one course from each discipline):

  • History 356, 371, 372, 375, 377, 385, 390, 420, 421
  • Political Science 321, 324, 354, 355, 356, 357, 367.
  • Other courses (e.g., “special topics” courses) in security and conflict studies may count as electives with the approval of the Minor Program Director.
  • A relevant three-credit internship may count as an elective with the approval of the Minor Program Director.

3) History 485, International Affairs 491,or Political Science 491: three (3) credit senior thesis on an aspect of security and conflict studies directed by a member of the core faculty. Thesis topic must be approved by the Minor Program Director.