Professor Farnsworth Receives Prestigious Fulbright Award for Spring 2024 in Poland

Professor Farnsworth has been awarded the Spring 2024 Fulbright Distinguished Scholar in Humanities and Social Sciences at the American Studies Center of the University of Warsaw in Poland. The Fulbright Program provides opportunities for students and professors to pursue research and teaching opportunities around the world. Professor Farnsworth’s third Fulbright award takes him to the University of Warsaw where he will teach a course on presidential communication. … [Read more...]

Professor Farnsworth Co-Authors New Book

Professor Stephen Farnsworth’s eighth book, Producing News in a Time of Disinformation: Information Evaluation Strategies for Journalists and News Consumers, will be published Spring 2023. This co-authored book is designed to help journalists, journalism students, and news consumers evaluate critically news sources and news content. Using disinformation case studies from around the world, the book examines how governments, information sources, and some news organizations seek to deceive the public and undermine thoughtful public deliberation regarding the issues of the day. … [Read more...]

Professor Cooperman Edits Book on Conservative Women in Democratic Systems

Professor Cooperman has co-edited a book, Sell-Outs or Warriors for Change? A Comparative Look at Conservative Women in Politics in Democracies, forthcoming from Routledge Press in November 2022. This book addresses the central question of how right-wing women navigate the cross-pressures between gender identity and political ideology. A portion of this book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy. … [Read more...]

Professor Lester Authors Book on Religious Literacy

Professor Lester has authored a new book entitled Equipping Educators to Teach Religious Literacy: Lessons from a Teacher Education Program in the American South. This volume provides a detailed evaluation of a unique education program implemented in secondary schools in Georgia to enhance teachers’ religious literacy and their ability to promote this in schools and classrooms. To learn more and find out how to purchase (with a discount!), check out a flyer on Professor Lester’s book. Congrats Professor Lester!! … [Read more...]

Professor Davidson Awarded Waple Professorship

Professor Jason Davidson has been awarded the Waple Professorship for the academic years 2022-2024. Established in honor of Shirley Van Epps Waple, a 1952 Mary Washington graduate, the nomination-based award recognizes faculty members who have made significant contributions to their scholarly or creative area of expertise. With the receipt of this award Professor Davidson joins the list of several PSIA faculty – Professors Farnsworth, Larus, and Lester – who have received this honor in the past. … [Read more...]

Welcome Professor McDonald!

We are delighted to announce that Jared McDonald, Ph.D., Maryland, will be joining the Department of Political Science and International Affairs as an Assistant Professor of Political Science starting in the Fall 2022 semester. Professor McDonald will be teaching PSCI 201, American Government, as well as other courses in American political behavior. Welcome aboard, Professor McDonald! Learn more about Professor McDonald on his website. … [Read more...]

PSIA Faculty News on EagleEye

A reminder that UMW's EagleEye news has additional information about what faculty are up to including media mentions, awards, and research. Check out the PSIA Department tag on EagleEye (and professional notes) to see more news related to our department! … [Read more...]

Professor Davidson Presents on US-Italy Relations

On December 13, 2021, Professor Davidson gave a presentation on Defense and Security Relations Between the US and Italy: Challenges and Prospects to a conference on US-Italy relations at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was one of only five academics invited to present. Check out this article for more information on the US-Italy relations conference and a summary of his presentation! … [Read more...]

Review of Prof. Davidson’s book America’s Entangling Alliances

H-Diplo, a well-respected digital international relations publication, recently shared a review of Professor Davidson’s book America’s Entangling Alliances calling it “a useful addition to this scholarship and a good tool for teachers and researchers alike.” Check out H-Diplo’s book review! … [Read more...]

Is China a threat or an opportunity? Depends which Americans you ask (KLCC; NPR; WAMU)

Elizabeth Larus, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science and International Affairs, says any economic “de-coupling” between the U.S. and China will be very difficult. “You can’t just say you’re going to pick up your factory and move all your resources and have a consistent, reliable energy source and the shipping port to get your stuff out at a decent price, and the logistics. China has nailed that down,” said Larus, the author of Politics and Society in Contemporary China. Check out her appearances on KLCC, NPR, and WAMU below! Professor Larus on KLCC!  Professor Larus On NPR!  Professor Larus on WAMU!  … [Read more...]