Academic Resources

At UMW we have several branches of academic services housed in The Hurley Convergence Center that can aid you in your school work. Check out their websites from the links below to learn more and make appointments.

The Writing Center

The Speaking Center

The Digital Knowledge Center

UMW is also unique in it’s academic advising. Unlike large schools, upon declaring a major students are matched with a professor within their department as their advisor. You get one on one time to discuss interests, classes, and post-graduation plans with an expert in the field. Click here to check out our faculty and reach out if you have any questions or interests!

The Honors Programs seeks to develop its exceptional scholars as intellectuals and ethical citizens who will lead, collaborate, and serve in the university community and well beyond.” The UMW Honors Program has a focus on interdisciplinary learning, community service, and excellence in the classroom. Students who graduate from the honors program gain the skills of leadership, open mindedness, and critical thinking skills. If you are interested in applying to the UMW honors program, check out there website by clicking here.