David Hamon

Adjunct InstructorHeadshot of Instructor David Hamon.

Areas of Specialization:

  • American Foreign Policy and International Security
  • Foreign Malign Influence & Disinformation


Scholarly Achievements:

Participated in an interagency workshop on Delivery Systems Threat Reduction approaches to Southeast Asia. Was recognized in the creation of an Information Advantage Team supporting the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program to fight Russian Disinformation. Aided in the stand-up and initial operational capability of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Information Resilience Office.  Attended the annual University of Houston’s annual Foresight Program alumni gathering and seminar. This years’ theme is “Images of the Future.” Gave a presentation on the Future of the Arctic.

Contact Information:

To contact Instructor Hamon, send an e-mail at: dhamon@umw.edu