UMW International Relations Organization


Most general meetings consist of discussions based upon current events in International Affairs.

The IRO also includes UMW’s Model United Nations team, which travels to and participates in conferences around the country.


The IRO strives to educate the UMW community about issues in international relations while teaching how to effectively write about and discuss these topics. It is a great resume builder, and a fantastic way to get to know students with similar interests in International issues.


Meetings are open to UMW students and are held on 6-7 on Wednedays in Monroe 346.


You should join if:

  • You enjoy talking about world issues!
  • You have an interest in discussing current events!
  • You have a major such as Geography, Economics, History, International Affairs, or Political Science!
  • You want to debate and expand your communication skills!


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  • UMW International Relations Organization Travel Team competed at VICS XXIII at University of Virginia. Delegate Julia Gibbons won an verbal commendation for her role as Sir Arthur Drakeford, Minister of Air and Civil Services during the Curtin Government, Australia 1942.
  • After elections, UMW IRO welcomes its new Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year:
    • President: Kyle Lehmann
    • Vice President: Zach Handlin
    • Treasurer: Petra Aloizos
    • Secretary: Michael Silberstein

The UMW International Relations Organization is putting on the first-ever ‘Saturday Simulation,’ surrounding NATO’s response to the fall of the Soviet Union, set in the final days of 1991. In the debate style of a Model UN ‘Crisis Committee,’ delegates will represent member states of NATO in a fast-paced simulation of historical events, influenced entirely by their decisions. It’s a casual affair, but schemes, assassinations, invasions, and intrigue are expected.

The simulation is on Saturday the 12th of February, from 11-3:30 in the Monroe 233!

To attend, use this link to RSVP and select your preferred nation to represent — to guarantee a spot, please RSVP by Wednesday the 9th. After filling out the form, we’ll send out further information concerning basic research and historical briefs, and anything else we think might be helpful.

For more information, (or, if you’d like to be involved in any capacity) come to our weekly IRO meetings, on Wednesdays from 6-7 in Monroe 346. We debate and discuss international affairs topics, attend national, competitive conferences for Model United Nations, put on charity events, and much more. We’d love to see you there!