Permanent IA Electives

This list includes only courses listed in the Mary Washington Academic Catalog. Special topics seminar often can count as related field credit. See Professor Cooperman (Email: if you think a course not listed below would count as a related field. Professor Cooperman will also e-mail a list of semester-specific support courses: these courses are not part of the permanent curriculum and are not offered at UMW on a regular rotation (temporary electives).




Anthropology (ANTH)

343 Cultural Identity in Europe


Business Administration (BUAD)

415 International Marketing (now MKTG 460)

473 Environment of International Business Seminar


Economics (ECON)

382 International Economics**

383 Comparative Economic Systems

384 Economic Development**

431 Global Environmental Issues

482 International Finance



206 Global Issues in Literature



230 Global Environmental Problems


Geography (GEOG)

236 Globalization and Local Development

300 The Geography of Australia, New Zealand, and the

South Pacific

301 Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

303 Geography of Europe

304 Geography of the Middle East

305 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

307 Geography of Asia

338 Geopolitics**

339 Geography and Development **

360 Grassroots and Development in Guatemala



360 International Preservation

470 Historic Preservation in Scotland


History (HIST)

300 US as Empire

300Y History of War in the Middle East

301, 302 Diplomatic History of the United States

331 History of Ancient Greece

332 History of Ancient Rome

334 Early Modern European Women’s History

335 Renaissance

336 The Reformation

341, 342 Europe in the Middle Ages

349 History of the British Isles

351, 352 History of England

353, 354 History of France

356 History of Germany

357, 358 History of Russia

360 History of Spain

361, 362 History of Latin America

364 History of Japan

365, 366 History of China

367 History of Modern Korea

368 Gender in Chinese History

371, 372 European Diplomatic History**

375 Military History

377 The Second World War, 1939-1945

381 Europe Since 1945

382 Far East Since 1945

383, 384 Islamic Civilization

385 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

386 Modern Iraq

390 The United States and Vietnam

420 The Great War

435Daily Life in Early Modern Europe

451 Anglo-Saxon England

462 Women in Latin America

466 Cultural History of Late Twentieth Century China


Interdisciplinary Studies (IDIS)

350 Study Abroad: European Capitals


International Affairs (INAF)

471 International Affairs Seminar

491 Individual Study

499 Internship


Modern Foreign Languages (MDFL)

German 317 German Civilization

Italian 316 Society and Civilization

Spanish 315 Spanish Civilization

Spanish 316 Spanish American Civilization

French 315, 316 French Civilization


Political Science (PSCI)

301 Comparative Government of Western Europe

302 The Politics of Soviet Successor States

315 Alliance Politics

323 Latin American Politics

324 U.S.-Latin American Relations

350 Politics of Developing Countries**

351 International Political Economy**

354 Politics of South Asia

355 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

356 American Foreign Policy

357 Russian Foreign Policy

360 The Theory and Practice of Revolution

361 Problems of Communism

362 The Politics of Central and Eastern Europe

366 Government and Politics of China

367 East Asia in World Affairs

368 Government and Politics of Japan

382 International Human Rights

387 Security and Conflict Studies

444 Political Movements and Organization in Latin


471 Military Dimensions of U.S. National Security

471 Transnational Threats and International Security


Sociology (SOCG)

345 Contemporary Mexico

371 Transnational Crime

442 Social Change



210 Islam

283 Hinduism

284 Buddhism

286 Confucianism

287 Daoism



** Can count as a related field course only if not used as a required course in the major.