Temporary IA Electives, Fall 2023

These are the courses that the Chair designates (new courses, special courses) as IA electives for the upcoming semester – this changes every fall and spring. The following courses offered in Fall 2023 will count towards support course credit in International Affairs (INAF elective in course searches, while in Banner they have an attribute of IAEL) in addition to those already pre-approved for this purpose. 

When registering for classes, remember to check for overlap credit limits between major requirements and minor requirements (in case of double majors, a minor, or multiple minors).


Temporary IA Electives


ANTH 343 Culture and Identity in Europe


BUAD 473A Environment of International Business Seminar


EESC 230 Global Environmental Problems


ENGL  206A Global Issues in Literature (SI*, HN*)

ENGL 387 South Asian Literature and Cinema

GEOG 339A Development Studies (WI, HN)**


GERM 325 German Cultural History


HIST 364 History of Japan

HIST 339 Modern Middle East History


PSCI 324 U.S.-Latin American Relations

PSCI 351 International Political Economy**

PSCI 366 Government and Politics of China

PSCI 387 Security and Conflict Studies

PSCI 471E8 National Security Strategy

PSCI 471F3 African Politics


RELG 210 Islam

RELG 298 Ethics of Religion and Violence


SOCG 347 Sociology of East Asia

* These designations are only applicable with a specific instructor’s class section. Check Banner/class search course listings for which section has the designation.

** Course would count as an IA elective only if not already used to fulfill a required course in the major.

Previous Temporary IA Electives


Previously Offered Spring 2023:

Geography in Europe, GEO 410D

Imperial Russia, HIST 300C7

Indian Foreign Policy, PSCI 353

Drug Politics in Latin America, PSCI 471E9

Global Perspectives Health & Illness, SOCG 335

Critical Refugee Studies, SOCG 371B9


Previously Offered Spring 2022:

Sacred Spaces, Geography 335

Political Anthropology, Anthropology 316

Intro to Pre-revolutionary Literature, French 326

French Cinema, French 319

Remembering the Holocaust, German 413


Previously offered Fall 2021:

Geography and Development, Geography 339A – requires permission of the instructor

Medieval Islamic Civilization, History 337

Ottoman Legacies, History 432

Govt & Politics of Japan, Political Science 368

 Intelligence & National Security, Political Science 471D4

Emerging Issues Int’l Security, Political Science 471E5

French Cinema, French 319

Introduction to Pre-revolutionary Literature, French 326



Previously offered Spring 2021:

Chinese History through Film, History 324

From Mongols to Ottomans, History 338

Modern Middle East History, History 339

Immigration in Global Perspective, Anthropology 371

International Trade, Economics 382

Alliance Politics, Political Science 315

Gender and Development, Political Science 372

Judaism, Religion 201


Previously offered Fall 2020:

HIST471G3: Soviet Union in World War 1

PSCI 471D7: Dynamic Asian Polities

PSCI 471E4:  International Human Rights

PSCI 471E5: Emerging Issues of International Security

SOCG 404: Global Inequality and Development