Elizabeth Freund Larus

Professor and Department Chair

Office: Monroe 341

Email: elarus@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1497

Fields: Comparative Government of East Asia, Politics of China and Taiwan, Politics of Developing Countries, International Relations

Office Hours: TBD

 Rosalyn Cooperman Photo

Rosalyn Cooperman


Office: Monroe 339

Email: rcooperm@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1513

Fields: American Politics, Women and Politics, Congress

Office Hours: TBD


Jason Davidson


Office: Monroe 353

Email: jdavidso@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1509

Fields: International Security, International Relations Theory, American Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics of Western Europe

Office Hours: TBD


Stephen Farnsworth


Office: Monroe 338

Email: sfarnswo@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1404

Fields: American Government: the Presidency, Media and Politics, Elections, Research Methods

Office Hours: TBD

Gupta Pic

Surupa Gupta


Office: Monroe 340

Email: sgupta@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-2279

Fields: International Political Economy, Indian Foreign Policy and Economic Policy, Politics of South Asia

Office Hours: Zoom – Tuesdays 3:30pm-4:30pm, Wednesdays 10am-12noon, 2pm-3pm

Hamon Pic

David Hamon

Adjunct Professor

Office: Monroe 357

Email: dhamon@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1461

Office Hours: Only by Appointment

 John Kramer

John Kramer


Office: Monroe 338

Email: jkramer@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1495

Fields: Politics of Soviet Successor States, Politics of Eastern Europe, American Foreign Policy

Office Hours: TBD


Emile Lester


Office: Room 337

Email: elester@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1146

Fields: Political Thought, Religion and Politics, American Political Thought and History, the American Presidency, Research Methods

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-9:00pm

Melissa Martinez

Assistant Professor

Office: Monroe 356

Email: mmartin9@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1157

Fields: Human Rights, Criminal Organizations, Post-conflict societies in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

Office Hours: TBD

 photo of Dr. Singh

Ranjit Singh

Associate Professor

Office: Monroe 355

Email: rsingh@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1496

Fields: Middle East Politics, Arab-Israeli Conflict, International Relations, Democratization

Office Hours: TBD

 photo of Dr. Tarpey

Matt Tarpey

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: Monroe 342

Email: mtarpey@umw.edu

Fields: Public opinion, elections, and representation

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 p.m.-5 p.m.

Lidiya Zubytska

Adjunct Professor

Office: Monroe

Email: lzubytsk@umw.edu

Fields: International Diplomacy, Politics and Governments of Russia and Central Eurasian States

Office Hours: TBD

Additional Adjunct Professors

Arthur Speyer (aspeyer@umw.edu)

Office Hours: Thursday, 5:00-6:00pm

Department Manager: Jessica Batten

Email: jbatten@umw.edu

Phone Number: 540-654-1066

Office: Monroe Hall Room 223