Note: Office hours for professors will vary each semester. For current office hours, please email professors directly.


Photo of Professor Rosalyn Cooperman surrounded by nature backdrop outside.

Rosalyn Cooperman

Professor and Department Chair

Office: Monroe 339

Email: rcooperm@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1513

Fields: American Politics: Gender and Politics, Congress, U.S. Federal Judiciary

Headshot of Professor Jason Davidson.

Jason Davidson


Office: Monroe 353

Email: jdavidso@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1509

Fields: International Security, International Relations Theory, American Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics of Western Europe

Headshot of Professor Stephen Farnsworth.

Stephen Farnsworth


Office: Monroe 338

Email: sfarnswo@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1404

Fields: American Government: the Presidency, Media and Politics, Elections, Research Methods

Headshot of Professor Surupa Gupta.

Surupa Gupta


Office: Monroe 341

Email: sgupta@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-2279

Fields: International Political Economy, Indian Foreign Policy and Economic Policy, Politics of South Asia

Headshot of Instructor David Hamon.

David Hamon

Adjunct Professor

Office: Monroe 357

Email: dhamon@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1461

Headshot of Professor Emile Lester.

Emile Lester


Office: Room 337

Email: elester@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1146

Fields: Political Thought, Religion and Politics, American Political Thought and History, the American Presidency, Research Methods

Headshot of Professor Melissa Martinez.

Melissa Martinez

Assistant Professor

Office: Monroe 356

Email: mmartin9@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1157

Fields: Human Rights, Criminal Organizations, Post-conflict societies in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

Headshot of Professor Jared McDonald.

Jared McDonald

Assistant Professor

Office: Monroe 340

Email: jmcdona8@umw.edu

Fields: American Government, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, Voting and Elections, Research Methodology


Headshot of Professor Ranjit Singh.

Ranjit Singh

Associate Professor

Office: Monroe 355

Email: rsingh@umw.edu

Phone: 540-654-1496

Fields: Middle East Politics, Arab-Israeli Conflict, International Relations, Democratization

Headshot of Instructor Arthur Speyer.

Arthur Speyer

Adjunct Professor

Office: Monroe 357

Email: aspeyer@umw.edu