International Affairs

The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs is designed to provide the student with a broad knowledge of the contemporary international system as well as with specific expertise in a given geographic area and/or academic discipline. To this end, the major combines required courses that examine international affairs from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (i.e., economics, geography, history, and political science) with related field courses that permit students to pursue in depth their particular geographical and/or disciplinary interests. Students majoring in International Affairs have ample opportunities to pursue internships with the numerous governmental agencies and private “think tanks” located in Washington, D.C., which focus on different aspects of contemporary international economic, political, and social issues.

Students majoring in International Affairs who complete all requirements earn the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Affairs.

39 Total Credit Hours Required

Required Courses (18 credits)

  • PSCI 321 Theory of International Relations (3 credits)
  • PSCI 350 Politics of Developing Countries or PSCI 351 International Political Economy (3 credits)
  • PSCI 356 American Foreign Policy  (3 credits)
  • ECON 382 International Economies or ECON 384 Economic Development (3 credits)
  • HIST 371 European Diplomatic History I or HIST 372 European Diplomatic History II (3 credits)
  • GEOG 338 Geopolitics or GEOG 339 Geography and Development  (3 credits)

Support Courses (21 credits) : 

To be selected by student and advisor from the following disciplines: Economics, French, Geography, German, History, Italian, Political Science, Spanish, and other disciplines as the Major Advisor deems appropriate.

Language Requirement:

Option A:  Completion of two languages through the intermediate level.  (Except Latin or Greek.)

Option B:  At least six credits in one language at the advanced level.  (Except Latin or Greek.)


Honors/Independent Study

Each year several students in Political Science and International Affairs avail themselves of the opportunity to pursue honors and independent study projects. Examples of such projects in the recent past have included: “Counterinsurgency in the Philippines,” “The Shining Path in Peru,” “Independent Peace Movements in Eastern Europe,” “The Latin American Debt Crisis,” and “Conservatism in America.”

Honors Thesis Registration Requirements

Students interested in writing an honors thesis must fill out an independent study form with the registrar, and specify that the project is for honors (PSIA 491H). The form requires the signature of the professor chairing the thesis and the department chair. To be eligible to enroll in 491H, students must have a 3.4 GPA overall, and a 3.4 GPA in the major.

Experiential Learning