Faculty Development Supplemental Grants

Faculty development supplemental grants are awarded three times each academic year for projects in the FALL, SPRING, and SUMMER periods.

  • Fall application activities between September 16 and December 31
  • Spring application activities between January 1 and May 31
  • Summer application period between June 1 and September 15

If a proposed project overlaps funding periods, apply for funding in the period in which the project will conclude.


Paper Applications should be submitted to the Dean (GW 314) by the application due date.

Faculty Supplemental Grant coversheet 2023-24

• September 7, 2023 (Fall funding period)

• November 10, 2023 (Spring funding period)

• March 28, 2024 (Summer funding period)

Guidelines for Faculty Development Supplemental Grant Applications

Applications must:

  •  be submitted using the Faculty Supplemental Grant coversheet 2023 – 24 (may be completed on the computer)
  •  address all points stated on the Cover Sheet
  •  have the applicant’s signature
  • submit to the CAS Dean (GW 314) by the appropriate deadline
  • provide all required documentation – Incomplete applications will not be reviewed

To facilitate effective planning and allocation of the faculty supplemental budget, persons who have submitted a paper to a conference but haven’t heard about acceptance should go ahead and request funding by the required deadline.

Grants may be requested for a variety of purposes, such as:

• a specific scholarly and/or professional contribution (paper presenter, panel participant, artistic performance, workshop leader, etc.),

• travel expenses connected with on-going research projects (generally smaller amounts for which a Faculty Development Grant application would be inappropriate),

• the purchase of materials/supplies in support of research and/or artistic projects, and

• enhancement of professional credentials (such as through meeting attendance, workshop participation, etc.).

Travel pre-approval and reimbursements are entered in Chrome River


All purchases of non-consumable items made with UMW grant funds (such as equipment, software, books, DVDs, and the like) are the property of UMW because they have been purchased with Commonwealth of Virginia funds. These items are not to be retained by the researcher but are instead to be turned over to the University when the grant project is completed.

General guidelines for decisions about Faculty Development Supplemental Grant requests:

1.  Supplemental Development Grants may not be requested for research stipends or equipment purchases.

2.  Grant requests must advance specific professional development goals for the faculty member making the application.

3.  Individuals making a Supplemental Faculty Development request must be employees of the University at the time that the project will be initiated and completed.

4.  The grant requested must have a clear and direct connection to the faculty member’s professional development and to his or her work at the University.

5.  In the attempt to extend support to as many worthy projects as possible, funding awarded to an individual supplemental grant proposal is usually less than the full amount requested; the total amount awarded to any one faculty member in a given fiscal year is also limited.