Final Report – Faculty Research Grants

Final Report

A succinct final report for a funded research grant is due by May 15 in the fiscal year in which the grant is disbursed. It must be submitted electronically, as a file attachment, to the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The final report must be written in a non-technical language so that it can be understood by readers outside of the grant recipient’s discipline.

The final report must include the following.

  1. Analysis of how the completed project achieved its proposed goals and results.
  2. Review of the results of the grant activities (research articles, conference papers, book chapters, artistic works, etc.).
  3. Description of how the results of the project will be or have been disseminated.
  4. Summary of budget expenditures other than a stipend or course release. If desired, electronic versions of the final products (e.g., an article submitted for publication, photos of completed artistic works) may be submitted along with the final report. However, the submission of such items by themselves does not satisfy the reporting requirement.