Undergraduate Research Application Information

Apply for undergraduate research grants in the time period in which the proposed project activity will occur.

*For projects that will run from the fall through the spring, apply by the deadline indicated for fall projects.

For activities occurring between:

  • September 16 and January 30, use the Fall application.
  • February 1 and May 31, use the Spring application.
  • June 1 and September 15, use the Summer application.

Deadline Dates for 2023-2024

Fall applications due– September 6, 2023

Spring applications due – January 23, 2024

Summer applications (if funds are available) due – March 20, 2024

Fall applications due –For supplies (not travel, if funds are available)  – May 6, 2024

The 2023-2024 grant application has been updated to include all information required within the form. The form may be completed electronically and sent to Dr. Elizabeth Lewis, elewis@umw.edu with the “Undergraduate Grant Application,” and copying Meredith O’Connell, moconne4@umw.edu.

Application Guidelines