Student Research and Creativity Symposium

The UMW Undergraduate Student Research and Creativity recognizes the excellence of undergraduate research at UMW thanks to the expert guidance of our faculty mentors.

Unfortunately, the unprecedented events connected to the Coronavirus pandemic this year has meant that along with all other face-to-face events and classes at the university, we cannot hold this year’s Research and Creativity Day as we have in years past.

Students and faculty have been working together throughout this year on their research and creative projects, and we want to take the time to share them and celebrate them. For that reason we will be holding the 2020 Research and Creativity Day as a Virtual Symposium. The symposium this year will happen on a website: . It will be a place where students can display their work and receive feedback and recognition of their work. Each student submission will be housed on its own post and grouped by college and department.

Any student who participated in a research or creative project over the past academic year as a 491, 492, or other similar courses or collaborations with a UMW faculty mentor. Even if you were unable to complete your project due to the unexpected move off campus this semester, we would still like you to present on what you were able to accomplish and the next steps you hope to take in the future.

You can apply directly on the umwrcd website under the tab “Applications.” There is also a video introducing the symposium, and a page of resources to help you as you prepare your presentation.

Submit your application with the file of your presentation by midnight on Friday April 17, 2020. Our virtual symposium will go live on April 23. Comments will be closed at midnight on April 24th. We hope to see your submission soon!

For more information and questions, contact Betsy Lewis at

2020 Virtual Program Booklet

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