Faculty Grants

CAS supports three major internal faculty development grant programs, which are described briefly below.  Additional information is available by selecting the appropriate link at the right on this page.  Faculty interested in external grant opportunities should follow the procedures outlined at the External Grants web page.


These grants are generally designed to supplement the $500 made available to full-time faculty through the department budget to support faculty development activities.  Mostly, these grants are used to support travel to professional meetings where the faculty member is a scheduled presenter or will be involved in some other active role (respondent/critic, serving on a professional committee, and so forth).  Expenses associated with small research projects are also eligible for funding via a supplemental grant.  Supplemental grants are awarded three times a year (for Fall, Spring, and Summer award periods).


These grants support more extensive professional development projects usually carried out over the summer.  (We often refer to these as “summer grants.”)  A $4,000 stipend and up to $500 in project expenses may be awarded.  At the faculty member’s option, the grant may be taken instead as a one-course teaching load reduction in either the fall or spring semester.


These grants support faculty who want to revise courses or develop new ones that will address initiatives within College of Arts and Sciences. A $2,500 stipend may be awarded.  Due date for applications – TBA.

General regulations for applying to all grants