Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

Students from several departments applied for funding to attend conferences to present research, compete in academic competitions, and purchase supplies to complete research.  The current semester of faculty sponsors, the students, and the title of the projects are listed by department below.

Spring and Summer 2019 Awards

Art and art History Department
Faculty Sponsor: Carole Garmon
Students: Claudia Duncan, Emily Pawlica, Riley Gildea, & Meredith Glasco– Presentation at Jump!Star: 2019 Signature Event

Biological Sciences Department
Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker
Students: Lauren Closs & Jane Sullivan – Development of the kisspeptin system and regulation by estradiol in zebrafish                               Students: Erica Liss, Grace Holcomb, & Nicholas Thompson – Effects of embryonic and adult exposure to benzo[a]pyrene on Alzheimer’s associated gene expression and the mechanisms involved
Students: Rachel Summers & Rachel Myrick – The Effect of Stress During Development on the Functioning of the Zebrafish HPI Axis

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Barra
Students: Samantha St. John & Paola Urlich – The Effect of SC-66 and PPAR alpha on Glucose Uptake in HCT-116 cells

Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Lewis
Students: Fernando Cabezas & Justin Adams– Bio-remediation of diesel contaminated soil

Faculty Sponsor:Deborah O’Dell
Student: Olivia Blake– Dopamine Receptor Expression on Worker Honey Bees in response to Queen Mandibular Pheromone

Faculty Sponsor: Abbie Tomba
Student: Anna Ruuskanen– Trematodes Life-cycles

Faculty Sponsor: Parrish Waters
Student: Jackson Gardner– Preferential response of adolescent rats to sucrose versus social play
Student: Anna Rinko- Patterns of OBX Wheel-Running

Faculty Sponsor: April Wynn
Student: Logan Hargis –Transgenic Arabidopsis

Chemistry Department
Faculty Sponsor: Leanna Giancarlo
Students: Ashley Parkhurst & Emily Matuczinski –Synthesis of a Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Based Nano-complex for Targeted Cell Death of Glioblastoma Cells

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Reif
Student: Catherine Zwemer – The Temporal Dynamics of the Extrinsic Process of Apoptosis

Classics, Philosophy, & Religion Department
Faculty Sponsor: Liane Houghtalin
Students: 11 Students -Producing the Latin Play “Pseudolus”

Earth and Environmental Science Department
Faculty Sponsor: Tyler Frankel
Student: Thanh-Binh Duong – Effects of Methoxychlor on Micro-plastic-Induced Mortality of Daphnia magna
Student: Mary Hoffman – Assessing the effects of sulfoxaflor on the physiology, reproduction, and behavior of Daphnia magna

Faculty Sponsor: Pam Grothe
Student: Kathleen Elliott – The seasonality of Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes of Rain, Stream and Groundwater in Fredericksburg, VA
Student: Andrea Moore – Sr/Ca Methods Development for Coral-based Paleo-SST                                                                                                         Student: Cheyenne Palmo -Survey of Paired ō180, ōD and Salinity for the Chesapeake Bay and Its Tributaries: Applications to Regional Paleohydrology

Faculty Sponsor: Ben Kisila
Student: Grace Rihl –Sediment Accumulation and trace metal input in Lake Manassas and Lake Occoquan

Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Szulczewski
Students: Isabel Faust, Riley Manthey, & Allison Burgess –Analysis of Drinking Water Quality in Buildings at the University of Mary Washington

Economics Department
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Greenlaw
Students: Parker Coon & Claire Planton – Eastern Economic Association conference

Faculty Sponsor: Don Lee
Students: 5 Students– Economic Scholars Program at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

English, Linguistics, and Communication Department
Faculty Sponsor: Martha Burtis
Student: Milen Bein Mehari – Resisting Black Erasure

Faculty Sponsor: Shumona Dasgupta
Student: Milen Bein Mehari – Eritrean Women During Liberation and Beyond

Faculty Sponsor: Danny Tweedy
Student: Milen Bein Mehari – African American Writers

Geography Department
Faculty Sponsor: Caitie Finlayson
Student: Darby Libka – Extending Interstate 97 to Richmond to Fix Mid-Atlantic Transport Headache                                                                    Student: Cheyenne Palmo -AAG Geography Bowl Participation and Thesis Poster Presentation

Historic Preservation Department
Faculty Sponsor: Lauren McMillan
Students: Delaney Resweber, Shannon Bremer, Elizabeth O’Meara, Olivia Larson, & Ethan Knick – Middle Atlantic Archaeology Conference

History and American Studies Department
Faculty Sponsor: Erin Devlin
Student: Milen Bein Mehari –Fostering Social Justice and Student Leadership on Campus

Psychological Science Department
Faculty Sponsor: Miriam Liss
Student: Leslie Lozano – Openness to experience mediates the relationship between adverse childhood experience and mental health outcomes

Faculty Sponsor: Virginia Mackintosh
Student: Erin Shaw – Society for Research in Child Development

Faculty Sponsor: Christine McBride
Students: 30 Students – Student presentations at the Virginia Academy of Psychological Science meeting

Faculty Sponsor: David Stahlman
Students: Wilbur Galindo, Zafrullah Malik, Samantha Tiedeman, & Emily Webberson – Modulation of Navigational variability by forced exercise and sensory specific satiety

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Stanley
Students: Kim Bui, Kara Hogue, Sidney McPhail, Corinne Rydgren, & Haley Turczynski – Error-Related brain Activity and Mindfulness

Faculty Sponsor: Hilary Stebbins
Student: Megan Jacobs – Chronotype Differences in Stress Reactivity in the Morning and Evening

Faculty Sponsor: Debra Steckler
Student: Nicole Jeffries – Emerging Adults explicitly report having no racial bias against mixed-race couples, but IAT results show otherwise

Faculty Sponsor: Laura Wilson
Students: Jordan Pamlanye, Maddie Murphy-Neilson, Hannah Truex, Kristen Kunaniec, & Rebecca Reed – Higher Rates of unacknowledged rape among men: The role of rape myth acceptance

Theatre and Dance Department
Faculty Sponsor: Gregg Stull                                                                                                                                                                                                 Student: Erick Boscana – Presenting at the Prague Quadrennial 2019
Students: Aaron Hoffman-Wilson & Victoria Fortune – Directing Laundry, Bourbon, and Lone Star in Studio 115
Students: Benjamin Lechtman-Directing Tales of the Lost Formicans in Studio 115                                                                                                      Student: Taylor Malone – 12,000 Voices in Studio 115
Student: Patrick Regal – Directing The Goat, or Who is Sylvia in Studio 115
Students: Michayla Rice -Choreographing FAMILIAR for American College Dance Association                                                                                  Students: Neal Gallini-Burdick, Olivia Whicheloe, Diana Bloom, Abraham Shaikh, & Lydia Hundley -Strawhat Auditions

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