Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

Students from several departments applied for funding to attend conferences to present research, compete in academic competitions, and purchase supplies to complete research.  The current semester of faculty sponsors, the students, and the title of the projects are listed by department below.

Biological Sciences Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Swati Agrawal
Caroline Beasley – The Role of PGAM5 in the apoptosis pathway in Kinetoplastid
Jay Boudreau – Counteracting Antibiotic Resistance in Bacillus Bacteria with Phage Therapy
Abigail Delapenha, Emily Sizemore – Characterization of Toxoplasma gondii Calcium regulator proteins TGGT1_253640 and TGGT1_222060 for Toxoplasma gondii growth and invasion
Emily Sizemore – Research with Dr. Silvia Moreno of Univ. of Georgia

Faculty Sponsor: Josephine Antwi
Curtis Kasiski – Determining Dietary Diversity of Bees in the Genus Bombus along an Urbanization Gradient

Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Lewis
Marianne Beaulieu – The Effect of Multi-Phage Resistance Mutations in Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki on Virulence to Manduca sexta Larvae
Karissa Highlander – In-vitro testing of Indazole Inhibitors of KasA, A Vital Enzyme of M. Tuberculosis
Skylar Houston – Development of Phage cocktail for treatment of MRSA
Valeria Ortiz Jimenez – The Effect of Fluorourcil on Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Oral Microorganisms and Microbial Interactions with Restorative and Preventative Measure
Valeria Ortiz Jimenez, Marianne Beaulieu, Karissa Highlander, Skylar Houston – Poster Presentations by 4 students at the Annual Meeting of the Virginia Branch of American Society for Microbiology

Faculty Sponsor: Ginny Morriss
Jada Gundy – Effect of CUG expression on vascular development in the cell culture of model myotonic dystrophy
Andrea Waltrip – Localization of CTG repeat-containing transgenes in Drosophila melanogaster myotonic dystrophy models

Faculty Sponsor: Parrish Waters
Abigail Algeier and Emily Landry – The Effects of Estrous Stage on Voluntary Wheel Running and Anxious Behavior in Female CD-1 Mice
Cidney Collins – Effects of Exercise on Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor and Cortisol on Cognitive Function
Dylan Crann – The Effect of Social Isolation on Depression-like Behavior in Mice
Kristin Haes – A Potential Driving Force of Social Dominance in Mice: Wheel Running and BDNF
Jessica Mimms – Affects of social dominance on AMPA-R in PFC of Mice Models
Timothy Philbeck – Validation of Dominance Tests in CD-1 Mice

Faculty Sponsor: April Wynn
Aber Gadelrab – Sugar’s Role in PDC Expression

Chemistry Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Leanna Giancarlo
Abigail Seputro – Optimization of Adsorption of Methylene Blue on Activated Charcoal

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Reif
Eliza Van Essendelft – Improving Biological Pedagogy by Formulating a Laboratory Experiment Including the Effect of Icariin on the Tyrosinase

Earth and Environmental Science Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Tyler Frankel
Talia Tanner, Carolyn Willmore, Elizabeth Tyler and Rachael Harrington – Student presentations at 2022 SETAC NA conference

Faculty Sponsors: Tyler Frankel and Ben Kisila
Elizabeth Tyler and Rachael Harrington – Effect of Coal Ash from Local Power Plants on Heavy Metal Load in Fluvial Systems in Northern Virginia

Faculty Sponsor: Ben Kisila
Jack Lanier – Spatial Analysis of Dam Sediment and metal contamination in the Northern Nashua River Basin, Massachusetts, USA

Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Szulczewski
Anna Velardi, Faith Jones, Katherine Cook – Preliminary Survey of Total and Bioavailable Concentrations of Trace Metals in Surface Soils in the Kingston, Jamaica Region

Economics Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Amrita Dhar
Paige Harrington, Tara Fitzgerald, Dillon Durocher, Shane Sutton, Dana Smith, Jason Mueller, Matthew McGlynn, Peter Smith – Student presentations at the 16th Annual Dallas Economics Scholars Program Conference

English, Linguistics, and Communications Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Mara Scanlon
Hollis Cobb – Speaker at the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services 2022 Conference

Geography Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Dawn Bowen
Anders Baretta, Devin Thigpen, Kaleb Dunlap, Elisa Luckabaugh, Josie Allamby, Ricky Munoz – Participation in the World Geography Bowl Competition

Modern Languages and Literatures Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Ana Chichester Garcia
Chantal Duval-Pena – Narratives and poetry of the displacement from the Caribbean and US

Faculty Sponsor: Betsy Lewis
 Madeline Killian – Women and Science in Spain’s Junta de Damas
Julia May – Elite Women’s Contribution to Art and Politics in 18th-Century Spain

Political Science and International Department:

Faculty Sponsor: Rosalyn Cooperman
Liam Keily, Ricky Munoz, Max Hiznay, Philip Hope, Katherine Allen, Kadin Sawers, Eugene Hlaing, Dayton Combs, Jesse Frye, Maggie Dye, Patrick Rigdon, Tanner Nalley, Elanor Hass – Participation in the Model United Nations Conference

Previous Awarded Grants: