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The University of Mary Washington Summer Science Institute is a program that offers UMW science majors an opportunity to participate in a summer-long, research project supervised by a faculty member. This is a great way for students to get hands-on research experience outside the classroom. The institute runs concurrently with the summer sessions (mid-May through mid-July). Room, board, and a stipend are provided to participating students.

Participating in the Summer Science Institute 

Faculty participants are selected each fall either by their department or by application for open positions.  Each Faculty participant will supervise two student projects (may or may not be related).  They will mentor selected students on their research for the ten weeks concurrent with the UMW Summer Sessions.  Throughout the summer, faculty will offer summer science related workshops or conduct a summer science related activity.  Faculty will attend judge the final Symposium.  To see a list of the participating faculty, click on the link to the left.

Summer Science Institute student participants are selected each spring by the participating faculty.  Each student will receive a stipend, free room and board (if living on campus, board only if living off campus) and each project will have an expense account.  The students will work with their faculty member on a research project for the ten weeks concurrent with the UMW summer sessions.  Throughout the summer, students shall participate in summer science related workshops and activities.  All students will give presentations on their research the Wednesday of the last week of the second summer session (either a poster or a 15 min. PowerPoint presentation).  To see a list of participating students, click on the link to the left.

Summer Science Institute Co-Directors

Jeb Collins(jcollin2@umw.edu)

Davis Oldham (eoldham@umw.edu)

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