Approved URES 197 Projects

The approved URES 197 projects for Fall 2018 are listed below by department:


Art and Art History Department

Faculty Sponsor: Julia DeLancey

Student: Elayna Gladstone – Disability in Early Modern Venice

Student: Caitlin Kelly – Disability and Art in Early Modern Venice

Biological Sciences Department

Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker

Student: Lauren Closs – Zebrafish and medaka endocrinology

Student: Erica Liss – Zebrafish and medaka endocrinology

Student: Rachel Summers– Zebrafish endocrinology

Faculty Sponsor: Alan Griffith

Student: Augustus Grohmann – UMW Tree Mapping and Measurement

Student: Sophia Hudson– UMW Tree Mapping and Measurement

Student: Devin Rantz – Tree Census at Belmont Estates

Faculty Sponsor: Abbie Tomba

Student: Kelly Keane– Effect of pesticides on Crayfish behavior

Student: Marissa Howard– Aquatic Invertebrate research

Faculty Sponsor: Parrish Waters

Student: Emily Swartchick  – Social Transfer of Cognition

Student: Nicole Taylor  – The influence of wheel running of a depression model in mice

Faculty Sponsor: April Wynn

Student: Emily Contompasis – Herbarium Plantstagram (Instagram Outreach)

Student: Sarah Piper – Characterization of Novel Lac Operon Mutants

Chemistry Department

Faculty Sponsor: Janet Asper

Student: Joseph Henry – Setting Up an Organic Research Lab

Student: Justin Kram – Building a New Synthesis Lab

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Reif

Student: Tara Anderson – Resusabilty of Affinity-Coated Microfluidic Devices

Student: Ashley Utz – Resusabilty of Affinity-Coated Microfluidic Devices

Computer Science Department

Faculty Sponsor: Jessica Zeitz

Student: Shane McSally – UX Design & Usability Analysis

Historic Preservation Department

Faculty Sponsor: Lauren McMillan

Student: Ethan Knick – Nomini Plantation

Student: Delaney Resweber – Stratford Hall Plantation

History and American Studies Department

Faculty Sponsor: Will Mackintosh

Student: Amanda Miller – Newspaper Coverage of Horse Theft in Upstate NY, 1790-1870

Student: Adam Thomson – Newspaper Coverage of Horse Theft in Upstate NY, 1790-1870

Faculty Sponsor: Krystyn Moon

Student: Genesis Avila Lugo – Andrew King Collection Research

Mathematics Department

Faculty Sponsor: Melody Denhere

Student: Mandy Byrd – Data Analysis

Faculty Sponsor: Debra Hydorn

Student: Cindy T. Ly – Environmental Sustainability Index

Faculty Sponsor: Melody Denhere and Debra Hydorn

Student: Garrett O’Donnell – URES 197 An Analysis of the Environmental Sustainability Index

Physics Department

Faculty Sponsor: Maia Magrakvelidze

Student: Stefano Coronado – Beowulf Cluster for Research and Education

Political Science and International Affairs Department

Faculty Sponsor: Surupa Gupta

Student: Nina Burges – Trade and Investment and the Indo-Pacific

Student: Olivia Mason-Lucas– Liberation of Indian agriculture

Student: Harrison Vaughan – Trade and Investment and the Indo-Pacific

Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Larus

Student: Stephen Lamm – Dynamic Asian Polities

Student: Alexis Waddell – Society and Politics in Contemporary China, 2nd edition

Faculty Sponsor: Emile Lester

Student: Koty Bowen – Georgia 3Rs project

Psychological Science Department

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Stanley

Student: Peyton Crickman– Psychophysiology of Error Related Negativity

Student: Colleen Hope – EEG & Perfectionism

Faculty Sponsor: Hilary Stebbins

Student: Mathew Bapties– Striatal Dopamine, Latent Inhibition, and Creativity

Student: Brighton Payne – Striatal dopamine, creativity, and latent inhibition