Approved URES 197 Projects

The approved URES 197 projects for Fall 2019 are listed below by department:


Art and Art History Department

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Jesionowski

Student: Ryan Lopez– North American Albumen Tour

Biological Sciences Department

Faculty Sponsor: Josephine Antwi

Student: Abigail Delapenha– Does the Spotted Lantenfly Harbor Phytoplasma in its salivary Glands

Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker

Student: Bailey Bashara– Neuroendocrinology in medaka

Student: Chris Good– Effect of benzo(a)pyrene in zebrafish

Faculty Sponsor: Alan Griffith

Student: Georgia Bowling – Measuring and Mapping UMW Campus Trees

Student: Mackenzie Dickson – Measuring and Mapping UMW Campus Trees

Student: Emma Gardner – Measuring and Mapping UMW Campus Trees

Student: Daniel Milliken – Measuring and Mapping UMW Campus Trees

Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Lewis

Student: Yokabit Ayele– Baterioremediation of Diesel spills

Faculty Sponsor: Abbie Tomba

Student: Ashley Vaughan– Aquatic Invertebrate research

Faculty Sponsor: Parrish Waters

Student: Jocelyn Taylor  – Neurogenesis in mouse models of dominance

Faculty Sponsor: April Wynn

Student: Josephine Jerge – Novel Lactose Z mutants in E.coli

Student: Rachel Mattozzi– The Characterization of Novel Escherichia coli

Student: Gina O’Reilly – Forensic Botany Techniques

Student: Ulises Perez – The Characterization of Novel Escherichia coli

Chemistry Department

Faculty Sponsor: Janet Asper

Student: Rachel Gunraj – Organic Chemistry Research

Student: Joseph Henry– Organic Chemistry Research

Faculty Sponsor: Davis Oldham

Student: Alexis Brooner – Synthesis of the oxidative metabolites of DEHP

Student: Heather Harris – Development of a method for the separation of a chiral alcohol

Student: Kaitlin Parker – Synthesis of inhibitors of KasA as potential tuberculosis drugs

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Reif

Student: Ramsey Cotton – Investigation of DNA Damage Induced Apoptosis

Student: Miranda Hiller – Resusabilty of Affinity-Coated Microfluidic Devices

Student: Erin Perry– Analysis of Tyrosinase Stability

Student: James Smith – Microfluidic Device Fabrication and Analysis

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

Faculty Sponsor: Tyler Frankel

Student: Catherine Crowell– Impacts of pH on Coal Ash Toxicity in Planorbella duryi

Student: Faith Hodges– Assessing the impacts of sulfoxaflor on Planorbella duryi

Student: Spencer Saunders– Examining the exposure effects of thiamethoxam on Physa acuta

English, Linguistics, And Communication Department

Faculty Sponsor: Zach Whalen

Student: Cristina Montemorano– Cataloging Computer-Generated Literature

Student: Alexander Rudenshiold– Cataloging Computer-Generated Literature

Student: Alexsandra Shtabnaya– Cataloging Computer-Generated Literature

Mathematics Department

Faculty Sponsor: Debra Hydorn

Student: Xavier Campbell – An Analysis of US News & world Report’s State Rankings

Student: Cindy Ly– Peer Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Statistics

Student: Garrett O’Donnell– Peer Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Statistics

Student: Camilo Rodriguez Cabrera– An Analysis of US News & world Report’s State Rankings

Political Science and International Affairs Department

Faculty Sponsor: Rosalyn Cooperman

Student: Molly Gehman – Voter Perceptions of Women Candidates

Faculty Sponsor: Liz Larus

Student: Kyle Lehmann – Research Assistance China Textbook

Student: Harrison Vaughan – Generate tables and figures for China textbook

Faculty Sponsor: Surupa Gupta

Student: Jeremy DeSando – Agricultural Politics in India

Student: Zareen Emdad– India-China trade and investment relations

Student: Jasmine Smith – Politics of Agriculture in India

Psychological Science Department

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Stanley

Student: Kim Thi Kim Bui– Error-Related Brain Activity and Mindfulness

Faculty Sponsor: Hilary Stebbins

Student: Rachel Gunraj– Latent Inhibition, Creativity, and Dopamine