Approved URES 197 Projects

The approved URES 197 projects for Spring 2020 are listed below by department:


Art and Art History Department

Faculty Sponsor: Julia DeLancey

Student: Michelle Zillioux– Disability and art history in early modern Italy

Faculty Sponsor: Rosemary Jesionowski

Student: Kelli Schooler– The Great North American Albumen Tour

Faculty Sponsor: Marjorie Och

Student: Cody Youngblood– Margaret Sutton in England

Biological Sciences Department

Faculty Sponsor: Swati Agrawal

Student: Jackqueline Ardo– Making Mutants Using CRISPR-cas9 in C.fasiculata

Student: Domynik Ethington– Analyzing effect of various apoprosis inducing factors in c-fasiculata

Student: Domynik Ethington– Testing different apoprosis inducing agents in C.fasiculata

Student: Gregory Hallahan– Characterizing the apoprosis pathway in C.fasiculata

Student: Clayton Parker– Building molecules constructs for toxdysin in T.gondii

Student: Kaelynn Parker– Building molecular constructs for toxdysin in T.gondii

Student: Theresa Vierow– Making Mutants using CRISPR -cas9 in C.fasiculata

Faculty Sponsor: Josephine Antwi

Student: Yokabit Ayele– Identification of fungal isolates from spotted lantern-fly

Student: Chase Forster– Isolation of fungal isolates from spotted Butterfly

Faculty Sponsor: Dianne Baker

Student: Bailey Bashara– Neuroendocrinology in medaka

Student: Chris Good– Effect of benzo(a)pyrene in zebrafish

Student: Bailey Johnson– Stress axis hormones in zebrafish and medaka

Student: Ryan Meek– Steroid levels in dominant and subordinate male medaka

Student: Orianne Mbuyl Kazadi– Steroid levels in dominant and subordinate male medaka

Faculty Sponsor: Alan Griffith

Student: Freshta Fazli– Field Tech for Sustainability Map Data/Review University Maps

Faculty Sponsor: Bradley Lamphere

Student: Sarah Kerner– Survey of Naive and Nonnative Stream Fish

Faculty Sponsor: Abbie Tomba

Student: Mia Alessi– Aquatic Invertebrate research

Student: Ashley Vaughan– Aquatic Invertebrate research

Faculty Sponsor: Parrish Waters

Student: Samantha Garcia  – Methods in Laboratory Rodent Behavior

Student: Thomas Skeer– Methods in Laboratory Rodent Behavior

Faculty Sponsor: April Wynn

Student: Olivia Duffy – Lac Operon Mutations in E. Coli

Student: Emma Rademacher– Research Strategist for Her-barium Geo-referencing

Chemistry Department

Faculty Sponsor: Janet Asper

Student: Rachel Gunraj – Micro-plastics in Waterfowl

Faculty Sponsor: Davis Oldham

Student: Heather Harris – Development of a method for the separation of a chiral alcohol

Faculty Sponsor: Randall Reif

Student: Ramsey Cotton – Investigation of DNA Damage Induced Apoptosis

Faculty Sponsor: Kelli Slunt

Student: Abigail Beyen – Development of USNCO Laboratory Activities

Student: Brittany Carmen – Development of USNCO Laboratory Activities

Student: Laiba MuradDevelopment of USNCO Laboratory Activities

Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Smith

Student: Julie Shin – Identification and Analysis of Enzymatic Activity of a Consortium of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria

Computer Science Department

Faculty Sponsor: Gusty Cooper and Karen Anewalt

Student: Raymond Kauffman– Computer Science Teaching & Mentoring

Student: Mark Kincaid– Computer Science Teaching & Mentoring

Student: Collin Mistr– Computer Science Teaching & Mentoring

Student: Luis Rovira– Computer Science Teaching & Mentoring

Geography Department

Faculty Sponsor: Brian Rizzo

Student: Keelin O’Hara– Application of Random Forest to Climate change

Historic Preservation Department

Faculty Sponsor: Lauren McMillan

Student: Frederick Altenberg– Analysis of the Fendig Archaeological Site

Student: Ethan Knick – Naval Activities after the Battle of Fredericksburg

Student: Angus Long– Analysis of the Nomini Plantation Archaeological Survey

Student: Delaney Resweber– Examination of Postbellum Tenancy at Sherwood Forest Plantation

Student: Claire Ross– Victorian Decorative Items at Sherwood Forest Plantation

Modern Languages and Literature Department

Faculty Sponsor: Gonzalo Campos-Dintrans

Student: Katheryn Gonzalez – Language policies in language textbooks

Political Science and International Affairs Department

Faculty Sponsor: Rosalyn Cooperman

Student: Annie Perrin Grisham– URES Women Members of Congress Research

Faculty Sponsor: Jason Davidson

Student: Rachel McVicker – Affect of Post 9/11 Wars on US allies

Psychological Science Department

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Stanley

Student: Chase Fortser– Effects of exercise on error related brain activity

Faculty Sponsor: Hilary Stebbins

Student: Angeline Gnanasekaran– Dopamine and the spontaneous blink

Student: Rachel Gunraj– Latent Inhibition, Creativity, and Dopamine

Sociology and Anthropology Department

Faculty Sponsor: Eric Bonds

Student: Emily Litsinger – Cities Adoption of Renewable Energy Plans

Faculty Sponsor: Leslie Martin

Student: Courtney Hooker – Action Research Project: Process Evaluation of Eagle Resource Closet