Signing up for URES 197 Projects

The first step is to find a faculty research project that interests you and is being directed by a faculty member who is looking for URES 197 students.

The second step is to contact the faculty member and find out about the research project. If you do not see a project in your discipline, you can also contact the chair of the department in which you are interested in doing work to see if faculty members in that department are offering research opportunities for students.

The third step is for you and the sponsoring faculty member to complete the URES 197 Learning Contract Form by the end of the first week of classes in the semester in which you wish to do the project.  Once the learning contract is reviewed, and all required details are taken care of, you’ll be enrolled in URES 197 for the number of credits specified on the learning contract.

What will show up on your transcript as the course title will be “Undergraduate Research in ____” with the blank being filled in by the name of the academic discipline in which you are doing the research project (such as psychology or English or biology).