General Regulations Applying to All Faculty Grants

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Apply for supplemental funds in the time period in which the proposed project activity will occur. For activities occurring between September 16 and December 31, use the Fall application period; between January 1 and May 31, use the Spring application period; between June 1 and September 15, use the Summer application period. If a proposed project overlaps funding periods, apply for funding in the period in which the project will conclude.

Travel pre-approvals and reimbursements are submitted through Chrome River


Prior to purchasing travel tickets, conference fees, etc., your travel pre-approval must be completed in Chrome River.

Commonwealth travel regulations (business meals, per diem limits, accommodation limits, etc.) are strictly applied to all internal grants. You must adhere to these regulations and requirements when submitting requests for travel reimbursements.

Travelers may use the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) or personal credit cards to purchase tickets. Contact the Accounts Payable Office for additional details regarding travel policies. Arrangements that do not follow established travel management procedures usually are not reimbursed.

Please note: if more than three EMPLOYEES plan to attend the same conference (whether it’s overnight OR a day trip only), documented approval by the Dean IN ADVANCE is required and included in the reimbursement in Chrome River.


Reimbursements must be submitted in Chrome River within thirty days of return from your trip in order to realize full use of the award.

All travel purchases should be uploaded in Chrome River for reimbursement (Airline confirmation, boarding pass or ticket stub). If the ticket was purchased using the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC), the boarding pass must be attached to the SPCC bank statement after the traveler returns.

Original receipts to support reimbursement requests, regardless of the source of funds or type of expenditure, must be submitted with the payment request. Hotel receipts/statements must reflect a $0.00 balance due and must also show the complete address of the hotel.

Be sure to use the appropriate FOAP (Fund, Org, Account, and Program) and include on any and all financial transaction forms (e.g. Travel Reimbursements). The requisite numbers will be provided in the grant award letters when grants are made. Failure to follow this procedure will result in your reimbursement being delayed.

All purchases of non-consumable items made with UMW grant funds (such as equipment, software, books, DVDs, and the like) are the property of the University because they have been purchased with Commonwealth of Virginia funds. These items are not to be retained by the researcher but are instead to be turned over to the University when the grant project is completed.

Grant funds must be drawn during the fiscal year for which they are awarded: none of these funds can be carried over to the next fiscal year. Failure to draw funds in timely fashion will result in the loss of the award.

If you do not use the grant funding, let the Dean’s Office know and the funds will be returned to the grant account. The returned amount will not count towards you total award amount allotment for the year.

Reporting requirements are specified in the respective program descriptions. Failure to meet the program’s project reporting requirements will result in denial of funding for future applications.

Direct questions about these general regulations to Associate Dean Grant Woodwell.