CAS Academic Leadership

All phone numbers:   540-654-(4 digit extension)

Karen Anewalt, Chair, Dept. Of Computer Science; Phone: ext. 1322; Email:

Janet Asper – Chair, Dept. of Chemistry and Physics; Phone: ext. 1143;

Dianne Baker – Chair, Dept. of Biological Sciences; Phone: ext. 1533; Email:

Patrick Catullo – Chair, Dept. of Athletics, Health, & Phys. Ed.; Phone: ext. 2489; Email:

Ana Chichester – Director, Bachelor of Liberal Studies Program; Phone: ext. 1989; Email:

Rosalyn Cooperman – Chair, Dept. of Political Science & International Affairs; Phone:  ext. 1513; Email:

Julius Esunge – Chair, Dept. of Mathematics; Phone:  ext. 2028; Email:

Claudine Ferrell – Chair, Dept. History & American Studies; Phone:  ext. 1476; Email:

Surupa Gupta – Director, Women and Gender Studies Program; Phone: ext. 2279; Email:

Jodie Hayob – Chair, Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences; Phone: ext. 1425; Email:

Brooks Kuykendall – Chair, Dept. of Music; Phone: ext. 1958; Email:

Don Lee, Chair, Dept. of Economics; Phone: ext. 1486; Email:

Elizabeth Lewis – Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Phone: ext. 1987;  Email:

Miriam Liss – Dept. of Psychological Science; Phone: ext. 1552; Email:

Jon McMillan – Chair, Dept. of Art and Art History; Phone: ext. 1936; Email:

Keith Mellinger – Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Phone: ext. 1052; Email:

Laura Mentore – Chair, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology; Phone: ext. 1499; Email:

Melina Patterson – Chair, Dept. of Geography; Phone: ext. 1494; Email:

Anand Rao – Chair, Dept. of Communication & Digital Studies; Phone: ext. 1546; Email:

Jonathan Levin – Chair, Dept. of English & Linguistics,; Phone: ext. 1537; Email:

Joseph Romero – Chair, Dept. of Classics, Philosophy, & Religion; Phone: ext. 1340; Email:

Marcel Rotter – Chair, Dept. of Modern Languages & Literature; Phone: ext. 1996; Email:

Cristina Turdean – Chair, Dept. of Historic Preservation; Phone: ext. 1310; Email:

Gregg Stull – Chair, Dept. of Theatre & Dance; Phone ext. 1980; Email:

Grant Woodwell – Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Phone: ext. 1427; Email: