Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Summer Institute

Student researchers arts, humanities, and social sciences

Building on the University of Mary Washington’s long-standing commitment to mentoring undergraduate research and creativity in our students, and more than twenty years of a successful summer research program for students in the sciences (Summer Science Institute), the UMW College of Arts and Sciences announces its new program for students in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSSSI) beginning Summer 2022.

This program, which takes place during the first summer session (May/June), gives students an opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on various projects in small teams of 2-4 students. Students receive a small stipend, as well as room and board to live and work on campus during the program.

Summer 2022’s AHSSSI was held May 16-June 16. The five research projects were:

Effects of Mindful Attention on Memory: An Eye tracking Investigation. Faculty mentor: Marcus Leppanen, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science. Student researchers: Sana Aftab, Juliana Buyaki, Allison Holden, and Robert Oehler.

Growing Community Gardens in Fredericksburg and in the College Curriculum. Faculty mentor: Eric Bonds, Associate Professor of Sociology. Student researchers: Teresa Guzman, Maren Raposo, and Vaishnavi Visveswaran.

Pink, Blue, and Red Waves in Old Dominion: Women in the Virginia General Assembly, 2001 – 2021. Faculty mentor: Rosalyn Cooperman, Professor of Political Science. Student researchers: Mary-Elise Alworth and Katheryn Gonzalez.

Puppets as Performance Object: Creation of a Devised, Table Top Puppet Performance. Faculty mentor: Kevin McCluskey, Associate Professor of Theatre. Student researchers: Alex Anthes Rojas, Cameron Hovey, Benjamin Lechtman, and Matthew Monaghan.

Writing Systems Inventory Database. Faculty mentor: Paul D. Fallon, Associate Professor of Linguistics. Student researchers: Isabella Cunningham, Matias Esquivel, and Ezra Hanning.

Read more about their projects and the final symposium in the UMW Voice.