Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Summer Institute

Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Summer Institute

Building on the University of Mary Washington’s long-standing commitment to mentoring undergraduate research and creativity in our students, and more than twenty years of a successful summer research program for students in the sciences (Summer Science Institute), the UMW College of Arts and Sciences began a new program for students in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSSSI) in the Summer of 2022.

This program, which takes place during the first summer session (May/June), gives students an opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on various projects in small teams of 2-4 students. Students receive a small stipend, as well as room and board to live and work on campus during the program.



Summer 2023’s AHSSSI was held May 15-June 15. The five research projects were:

Effects of Mindful Attention on Memory: An Eye tracking Investigation. Faculty mentor: Marcus Leppanen, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science. Student researchers: Eliana Black, Kaitlin Lennox, Ada Moses, Hannah Shipp

Creating Compost and Community: Developing an Urban Food Waste Recovery Project. Faculty mentor: Eric Bonds, Associate Professor of Sociology. Student researchers: Melissa Lopez Guerrero, Isabella Justiniano, Zoe Hanrahan.

The effect of geopolitics on multinational corporation’s (MNC) foreign direct investment (FDI) activity. Faculty mentors: Don Lee, Associate Professor of Economics, and Surupa Gupta, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs. Student researchers: Logan Rowland, Jarad Ponce, Hennry Paredes, Morgan Lewellen

Community-Based Documentary Series. Faculty mentor: J.D. Swerzenski, Assistant Professor of Communications and Digital Studies. Student researchers: Benjamin Dickinson
Eniya Cropper, Kasey Ripper.

Writing Systems Inventory Database. Faculty mentor: Paul D. Fallon, Associate Professor of Linguistics. Student researchers: Angel Chou, Lauren Knight, Victoria Gallaway

Read more about their projects and the final symposium in the UMW Voice.