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title of journal Metamorphosis

One of the distinguishing features of COPLAC colleges is their focus on undergraduate research. Small class size, close faculty-student interactions, and funded research opportunities allow top students to work alongside faculty mentors in significant research projects at all 26 member institutions. COPLAC now hosts a series of regional UR conferences for students at member campuses, and many of these same students go on to present their work at the annual meeting of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Metamorphosis is part of COPLAC’s effort to highlight some of the best recent work in undergraduate research. Each semester, faculty committees at member campuses select four outstanding projects for inclusion in Metamorphosis.

2011-2012 Selected papers for publication in Metamorphosis

“The language of rape: Margaret Mitchell’s Defense of Spousal Rape in Gone with the Wind.” Shirin Afsous (faculty advisor: Gary Richards)

“Media Coverage of Iraq and Iran: Decoding the Warpath of a Democracy.” Call for Papers

Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for formatting and submitting papers can be found here.

Please contact the COPLAC office for more information
( or 828-258-7879)