Beyond the Classroom: An Endowment for Student Research and Learning


As UMW strives to enhance its mission as a premier public liberal arts and sciences university, it is more important than ever to provide opportunities for student learning beyond the traditional classroom. Our ability to grow, and even continue at present levels of support, has been increasingly constrained by budget challenges in recent years. COVID-19 has only accelerated these challenges, and now the College of Arts and Sciences struggles to meet the funding demands of these rigorous, individualized programs for our students. To continue and grow support for student learning opportunities, the College of Arts and Sciences aims to build a $1 million endowed fundBeyond the Classroom: An Endowment for Student Research and Learning. Reaching the $1 million goal will enable the College of Arts and Sciences to provide approximately $40,000 every year to support high-impact student learning experiences that take our students beyond the classroom.


“The creation of this new endowment will significantly bolster our student learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. While I know this is a big goal, let us start planning now to ensure that every student will have access to this critical support for years to come.”

– Dr. Keith Mellinger, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

The Impact:

Contributions to the endowment will provide awards to support students in the following activities:


“I hope you’ll remember how much Mary Washington changed your life.”
– Ellen Brown, Class of ‘69

For more information about the Beyond the Classroom endowment, please contact Dean Keith Mellinger at

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