Summer Pedagogy Program

Summer Pedagogy Program Requirements

Grant Proposals are due Friday, February 7, 2014.

Summer Pedagogy Grant Proposal Coversheet 2014

All grant proposals must address one or more of the following strands:

  • Curricular experiences designed to develop students’ capacities for independent learning, particularly for (but not limited to) freshman and transfer students
  • Technology integration including (but not limited to) distance/online learning
  • Strengthening students’ involvement with international issues and American diversity
  • Curriculum development that makes connections to “real life” applications
  • Interdisciplinary, problem-based curricular development, team teaching

To Submit an Application for a Pedagogy Grant:

Identify the stand(s) into which your proposal fits.

Submit a narrative of up to 750 words that describes:

  1. The significance of the proposed pedagogical initiative in relation to the university mission or strategic plan
  2. How it addresses the overall curriculum and department goals (within your department) and / or CAS
  3. Course objectives or goals of the proposed initiative
  4. The assessment plan (how do you plan to assess whether the proposed course outcomes/goals/objectives were realized?)
  5. The nature of your proposed pedagogical initiative and how it differs from your regular offerings
  6. How it will engage students in an innovative manner
  7.  The way in which it will enhance professional development of your department colleagues, yourself, and possibly a partner if team teaching
  8. Implications for department coverage of existing courses (discuss with department chair)
  9. The semester the new or revised course will be taught. If this is a new course, take into account the timing of the faculty governance approval process

If team teaching is involved, signatures must be obtained from all department chairs for the grant to be considered.

If you receive a grant, please note:

All funded projects will require a final abstract that can be published on the CAS and/ or CTE & I website or newsletter. Abstracts must be in a format acceptable for publication in these media. A final report is also required. It can take one of three forms:

  • Written report-must include a brief overview of the project; project objectives; assessment procedures; outcomes/impact on student learning
  • Presentation to the UMW community – must include a brief overview of the project; project objectives; assessment procedures; outcomes/impact on student learning
  • Peer reviewed external publication and/ or presentation at a local/national conference – must submit manuscript, conference proposal, or presentation

If proposal involves team teaching, funding will be split between the team. Signatures must be obtained from all department chairs for the gran to be considered.

Faculty that received UMW Faculty Research Grants for summer 2013 are not eligible for this award. Previous funded faculty should consider applying for a Faculty Grant through the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

Exhibitions, performances, presentations, and publications resulting from funded proposals should acknowledge the CAS and CTE & I Pedagogy Grant Program.

Awards given for 2012