Summer Pedagogy Program

Program Requirements

Grant Proposals are due April 3rd

All grant proposals must address one or more of the following strands:

  • Strengthening engagement with international issues or American diversity
  • On-line course development

To Submit an Application for a Pedagogy Grant:

CAS Dean’s Grant Proposal Coversheet 2017

Submit application electronically in one PDF file to

Identify the stand(s) into which your proposal fits.

Submit a narrative of up to 750 words that describes:

  • The way in which your proposal addresses one or both of the strands
  • The relationship between your proposed pedagogical initiative and the needs of your department
  • Course objectives or goals of the proposed initiative
  • The assessment plan (how do you plan to assess whether the proposed course outcomes/goals /objectives were realized?
  • The nature of your proposed pedagogical initiative and how the proposed initiative differs from your regular offerings
  • How the pedagogy is appropriate to the subject matter
  • As appropriate, implications for department coverage of existing courses (discuss with department chair)
  • The semester the new or revised course will be taught. IF this is a new course, take into account the timing of the faculty governance approval process.

If you receive a grant, please note:

All funded projects will require a final abstract that can be published on the CAS website. Abstracts must be in a format acceptable for publication in these media. A final report is also required. It can take one of three forms:

  • Written report-must include a brief overview of the project; project objectives; assessment procedures; outcomes/impact on student learning
  • Presentation to the UMW community – must include a brief overview of the project; project objectives; assessment procedures; outcomes/impact on student learning
  • Peer reviewed external publication and/ or presentation at a local/national conference – must submit manuscript, conference proposal, or presentation
  • If proposal involves team teaching, funding will be split between the team. Signatures must be obtained from all department chairs for the grant to be considered.
  • Faculty that received UMW Faculty Research Grants for summer 2016 are not eligible for this award. Previous funded faculty should consider applying for a Faculty Grant through the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation
  • Exhibitions, performances, presentations, and publications resulting from funded proposals should acknowledge the CAS Pedagogy Grant Program.

Previous Awards Granted