CAS Academic Department Chairs

Contact information for the the College of Arts and Sciences departments, the Department Chair, and the Office Mangers are listed below:

Art and Art History, Chair-Carole Garmon, Phone ext. 2036, Email:   Office Manager-Kelly Pickering, Phone ext. 2038

Athletics, Health, & Physical Education, Chair-Ken Tyler, Phone ext. 1876, Email:  Office Manager-Kathleen Flanagan, Phone ext. 1039

Biological Sciences, Chair-Andrew Dolby, Phone ext. 1420, Email:   Office Manager-Wilma Willard, Phone ext. 1182

Chemistry, Chair-Leanna Giancarlo, Phone ext. 1407, Email:   Office Manager-Nicole Johnson, Phone ext.1016

Classics, Philosophy, and Religion, Chair-Craig Vasey, Phone ext. 1342, Email:  Office Manager-Cindy Toomey, Phone ext. 1023

Computer Science, Chair-Jennifer Polack-Wahl, Phone ext. 1318, Email:  Office Manager-Jeanne Campbell, Phone ext. 1592

Earth & Environmental Sciences, Chair-Chuck Whipkey, Phone ext. 1428, Email:  Office Manager-Nicole Johnson, Phone ext. 1016

Economics, Chair-Margaret Ray, Phone ext. 1485, Email:  Office Manager-Rosemarie Staggs, Phone ext. 1275

English, Linguistics, and Communication, Chair-Mary Rigsby, Phone ext. 1540, Email:  Office Manager-Lula Fasold, Phone ext. 1035

Geography, Chair-Jacqueline Gallagher, Phone ext. 1493, Email:  Office Manager-Dora Minor, Phone ext. 1037

Historic Preservation, Chair-Andrea Livi Smith, Phone ext. 1316,  Office Manager-Julia Coates, Phone ext. 1041

History & American Studies, Chair-Bruce O’Brien, Phone ext. 1477,  Office Manager-Lisa Patton, Phone ext. 1066

Mathematics, Chair-Randall Helmstutler, Phone ext. 1329, Email:  Office Manager-Joyce Durham, Phone ext. 1028

Modern Languages and LiteraturesChair-Elizabeth Lewis,  Phone ext. 1993, Email:  Office Manager-Patsy Conliffe, Phone ext. 1032

Music, Chair-Gregg Stull, Phone ext. 1980, Email:  Office Manager-Michael Morley, Phone ext. 1012

Physics, Chair-George King, Phone ext. 1432, Email:  Office Manager-Wilma Willard, Phone ext. 1182

Political Science & International Affairs, Chair-John Kramer, Phone ext. 1495, Email:  Office Manager-Lisa Patton, Phone ext. 1066

Psychology, Chair-Debra Steckler, Phone ext. 1559, Email:  Office Manager-Jean Bennett, Phone ext. 1054

Sociology & Anthropology, Chair-Eric Gable, Phone ext. 1504, Email:  Office Manager-Dora Minor, Phone ext. 1037

Theatre & Dance, Chair-Gregg Stull, Phone ext. 1984, Email:  Office Manager-JB Bridgeman, Phone ext. 1243