Incoming First Year Students

Gregg Stull

Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance

Welcome to UMW Theatre and the Department of Theatre and Dance. We are excited to have you join our community! We believe that making theatre together creates the strongest learning opportunities for our students. We want you to get involved right away by taking classes and  working on productions so that you begin building an impressive portfolio of your theatre experiences—experiences that will distinguish you when you leave Mary Washington to begin your professional career.

duPont Hall, Third Floor, 328
Phone: 540-654-1980



New students considering a major in theatre should select THEA 390, along with either THEA 218, THEA 321, THEA 211A, THEA 212A, or THEA 131. If you intend to work on theatre productions at UMW (onstage or backstage), you should be certain that THEA 390 is on your schedule.

Below please find some examples of first semester schedules for a theatre major. There are many variations of a first semester schedule; the examples are just meant to help you see that there are many ways to reach the same goals.


Example 1:

Course (credits) Requirement(s) Met

1. THEA 390 – Theatre Practicum (1)

Major, BTC

2. THEA 211A – Dramatic Literature (3)

Major, AL, WI, SI

3. GEOL 111 – Intro to Geology with Lab (4)


4. THEA 321 – Acting (4)


5. FSEM 100T8 – Irish Theatre and Political Reform (3)



Example 2:

Course (credits) Requirement(s) Met

1. THEA 390 – Theatre Practicum (1)

Major, BTC

2. FREN 101** – Beginning French (3)


3. CHEM 105A – Chemistry & Society I with Lab (4)


4. THEA 218 – Voice and Body Movement (4)

Major, AL

5. FSEM 100Q8 – Mechanisms of Storytelling (3)



Example 3: Athletes for varsity sports must register for the 400-level course of the sport. Practice times for varsity sports can vary, but generally speaking, athletes should allow for enough time to get to and from practice on weekdays from 3 – 6 p.m. Please check with the individual coach for your sport to verify specific practice times each semester.

Course (credits) Requirement(s) Met

1. THEA 390 – Theatre Practicum (1)

Major, BTC

2. FSEM 100T3 – Disney’s America  (3)


3. THEA 131 – Technical Production (4)


4. COMM 205 – Public Speaking (3)


5. PSYC 100 – General Psychology (3)


6. PHYD 432 – Intercollegiate Tennis – Women (1)



*Please note that not all sections of a course may have the Speaking Intensive (SI) or Writing Intensive (WI) attributes. These designations for a course are dependent on instructor and semester, and are listed in the Banner description for the semester in which you are registering.

**This particular course is in a discipline that allows students with demonstrated competence upon admission to UMW (such as AP/IB credit, dual enrollment, etc.) to begin courses at a higher level. Talk to your Student Success Coordinator if you believe you should start at a higher level.