Twelve Angry Jurors

Twelve Angry Jurors

by Reginald Rose
adapted for the stage by Sherman L. Sergel

September 19 – 29, 2024

In the stifling jury deliberation room, twelve individuals wrestle with the weight of a decision that will affect the life of a young man forever. As the jurors engage in heated debate, they reveal their biases, experiences, and fallibility in the rarely seen process at the very core of the American judicial system. Reginald Rose invites the audience to explore every shade of gray while these men and women navigate their civic duty and sense of morality, questioning the complex spectrum of guilt and innocence. Twelve Angry Jurors probes the collective conscience, leaving behind echoes of doubt and contemplation long after the curtain descends.

“theatrically irresistible . . . A particularly seductive formula, perhaps, for times as polarized as our own.” —The Washington Post 

“a roller-coaster of a play, thrilling because you can’t see beyond the next turn of the plot.” — The Chicago Tribune