Little Shop Before & After

Actors getting into costume are sometimes a huge, and sometimes a subtle transformation… We hope that these photos will give you a little bit of an idea of what our actors look like before and after getting into costume!


Click and drag the slider from side to side, to reveal the transformations! (Left side: Actor, Right side: Costumes)



Abe Shaikh, junior theatre and political science major, plays Seymour Krelborn, a down-on-his-luck florist who discovers the key to success.

Sophomore Rachel Williamson plays the lovely Audrey Fulquard, a woman struggling with life, love, and injury.

Alexander Rios, junior theatre major, plays Dr. Orin Scrivello, DDS; Audrey’s sadistic and nitrous oxide addicted dentist boyfriend.

William G. Pineda, freshman theatre major, portrays Mr. Gravis Mushnik, a curmudgeonly old flower shop owner concerned with the bottom line.

Olivia Whicheloe, Lauren Frautschi, and Diana Bloom play Chiffon, Crystal, and Ronnette; a trio of street urchins who bear witness to the show.

Elissa Davis and Jackson Miles make up the residents of downtown Skid Row- winos, customers, spectators, and more!

Mason White voices and Javon Jones controls the amazing Audrey II, a strange and interesting plant with deadly intentions…