God of Carnage

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Two children from upper middle-class Brooklyn families get into a schoolyard tussle and their parents meet one evening to discuss the incident. While the evening begins with polite pleasantries and careful chit chat, it veers suddenly off course in a rum-fueled fishtail of epic proportions as the adults, themselves, devolve into bickering children. Yasmina Reza hilariously and savagely strips her characters down to their cores, giving them the green light to drop the niceties and take off the proverbial gloves. God of Carnage is a comic masterpiece born of red-hot tempers, the best of intentions, and humanity at its most primal.

“. . . ferociously funny . . . . terrifically potent with lip-smacking gusto . . .” –The Wall Street Journal

1 hour, 30 minutes