Merrily We Roll Along

Merrily Slide

Growing up. There is nothing more certain. For Frank, Charlie, and Mary, their lives are all ahead of them—or rather, behind them—in this cleverly conceived musical by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth. Merrily We Roll Along masterfully reveals, in reverse, the relationships of three best friends and their successes in life, love, friendship, and all the little bumps along the way. With songs like the gorgeously heartbreaking “Not a Day Goes By,” the sassily uplifting, “Old Friends,” and the exquisitely lyrical “Good Thing Going,” Merrily is sheer brilliance as it connects the rocky terrain between the characters’ disillusioned adulthoods to their hopeful, starry-eyed youthful beginnings.

“Hugely witty, tunefully inventive and brightly entertaining.” –The Telegraph

2 hours, 30 minutes