Pride and Prejudice

by Kate Hamill
based on the novel by Jane Austen

A rarely reticent and fiercely independent woman of a certain age feels mounting pressure from her hovering and meddlesome mother to secure a husband suitable to her position in life. When a somewhat handsome, blatantly aristocratic, often irritating (yet vaguely witty) man comes to town, her mother’s wishes become–improbably and surprisingly–possible. Kate Hamill’s retelling of the classic novel is an inventive, vivacious, and a refreshingly modern take on Austen’s famous and astute commentary on privileged society.

“. . . completely and delightfully different Pride and Prejudice…adapted with fizzy, festive freedom . . .” – The Wall Street Journal

“This Pride and Prejudice is unlike any adaption of the Jane Austen classic one has seen before. Rollicking, witty, smart, thoroughly entertaining.” –The Berkshire Edge