Content Advisory


Theatre is powerful. Our work poses challenging questions about the world we share.

While we believe in the promise of the unexpected moment to stir feelings and provoke thoughtful conversations, we recognize that the intensity of the unanticipated idea, relationship, or conflict might create complex and unwelcome feelings. Everyone responds in their own way to the moment before them and, as such, we want to be sure that you have the information you need to join our
community in Klein Theatre.


The Play That Goes Wrong contains mentions of suicide, murder, death, and adultery. The action includes cigarette use, gunshots, fire, and stage blood. The dialogue includes mild slang.




The Rocky Horror Show contains mentions of murder, death, and satanism. The action includes whipping, blood and gore, semi-nudity, crossdressing, and suggestive scenarios. The dialogue includes mild slang.




Men on Boats contains mentions of death. The action includes cigarette and alcohol use. The dialogue includes strong slang.





Pride and Prejudice contains language and action laced with sexual innuendo.