Lighthouse Counseling

Lighthouse Counseling is an outpatient mental health and addictions treatment program for adults. Lighthouse offers individual and group therapy including basic psycho-educational substance abuse groups for persons mandated to treatment by programs such as the Rappahannock Area Alcohol Safety Action Program, employers and the court system. There is also a relapse prevention group for voluntary and mandated clients. Other treatment is provided individually.

NOTE: Internship hours can be scheduled according to the intern’s availability; however, they must be available from 12pm-2pm on Tuesdays.


  • Weekly contact with the faculty sponsor and agency supervisor.
  • Training in case management
  • Assisting with group therapy
  • Observing intakes
  • Record-keeping
  • Reading assignments about ethics, substance abuse, and other related topics
  • A final written paper on a topic agreed to by the intern and faculty sponsor


  1. Must meet all UMW and Department of Psychological Science internship requirements.
  2. Required courses:
    • PSYC 211 – Psychopathology
    • PSYC 315 – Foundations of Clinical Psychology
  3. Recommended courses:
    • PSYC 394 – Psychopharmacology


  • 42 hours of work per credit hour (most interns do 3 credits with 126 hours of work)
  • Grade is based on on-campus supervision, agency evaluation, reflective journal, and a final paper

Agency Contact

Carmen Greiner
(540) 907-0121

Lighthouse Counseling
420 Hudgins Road, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Website: Website