Psych Reps

The student representatives (a.k.a. psych reps) are a group of psychology students that organize and run various events related to the Department of Psychological Science. These events include the Grad in Residence program, the Fall Picnic, Senior Happy Hour, and the Topher Bill Auction, among others.

Additionally, the psych reps hold major meetings, attend faculty meetings to keep the professors informed about what’s going on with the students, and get information from professors to answer student questions. They organize student lunches to meet with people who are being interviewed at the school to become possible professors. Plus, they give valuable input from the student body to the psychology staff on topics such as who to hire for an upcoming year and what classes to offer.

Students have to run to be elected as psych reps by posting their information on the rep board towards the end of the spring semester. There are always four reps, and they are elected by the Psych majors.

Maddie Gillespie, Brighton Payne, Nicole Boigegrain, and Katherine Ellson