Summer Internships

The internship class (PSYC 499) is NOT offered over the summer.

What can you do if you would like to do a summer internship?  The answer depends on whether or not you need to receive credit for the internship.



If you wish to do a summer internship FOR CREDIT, you need to:

1. Find a faculty member who is available to sponsor the internship over the summer.  Please note that many faculty members are not available during the summer, so this can be a difficult task.

2. Pay summer school tuition.

Because of the difficulty and cost of a FOR CREDIT summer internship, we highly recommend that summer internships are not done for credit.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an excellent summer internship experience by participating in a NO CREDIT internship.



If you wish to do a NO CREDIT internship you need to:

1. Register for IDIS 099.  More information can be found here: Career & Professional Development – No Credit Internships


Just do the internship and put it on your resume.

2. Be aware of the following:

a. NO CREDIT internships would not be a Psychology Internship and would NOT count as your Out-of-Class Experience for the Psychology major.  However, it would still be an excellent experience to put on your resume and, if you register for IDIS 099, it will appear on your transcript.

b. Because this is not a Psychology internship, you are not limited to the sites listed on our “Internship Site List.”  However, the sites on this list may provide a starting point for great ideas for organizations that might be interested in a summer intern.


Whether you are doing a FOR CREDIT internship or an EXPERIENCE ONLY (NO CREDIT) internship, UMW offers a number of GRANTS to help mitigate the cost of doing a summer internship (e.g., housing and transportation costs).  These grants are designed to support students doing a significant unpaid or underfunded internship opportunity.

More information can be found here: Career & Professional Development – Internship Grants Overview