Open Hand of Fredericksburg PEARLS Program

Open Hand of Fredericksburg is a faith based 501(c)3 in the Greater Fredericksburg area that serves at-risk and under-resourced youth through vocational training, job placement, educational services, and mentoring. We are looking for energetic and goal-oriented interns to join our team as a TEACHERS ASSISTANT for our PEARLS program. PEARLS is a partnership with Planning District 16 local high schools’ alternative education programs. The PEARLS program teaches life skills building, work readiness, and career/college exploration. Together they serve students who have been suspended or removed from regular high school classes. We specifically focus on youth obtaining their GED, many of which have a record. Though Open Hand is a faith-based organization, we do not discriminate based on religious affiliation and proselytization is prohibited while working in the building with the students. Throughout the internship, interns will be expected to attend class at the Walker Grant … [Read more...]

Stafford Early Autism Services

Stafford Early Autism Services provides clinic-based ABA services to children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years old in Stafford, VA. Services focus on increasing each child’s communication, social and adaptive skills through 1:1 therapy sessions with a Registered Behavior Technician under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. SEAS also believes in a collaborative approach to treatment and works closely with others on the child’s treatment team including teachers, other service providers and parents. Duties: Participate in ongoing training provided by BCBA/BCaBAs on implementation of ABA techniques utilized to increase skill acquisition and reduce maladaptive behaviors Implement individualized treatment plans and behavior intervention plans under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and/or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst Participate in or observe various meetings to collaborate with client treatment teams including … [Read more...]

The Yoga Foundation

The Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg (YOFO) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing educational and enriching programs that promote wellness of the mind, body, and spirit to the Fredericksburg community. We envision a community without barriers to accessing education and experiences that enrich the individual and collective health of all.   Duties Assisting and coordinating groups that focus on mental and stress management such as: Mindfulness based stress reduction  Mindful self-compassion groups Trauma informed yoga classes Other relevant stress management and mindfulness courses as they are developed Assisting and coordinating groups that focus on training educators including groups that: Teach educators mindfulness skills for their own stress management. Teach educators to run yoga and mindfulness classes for children. Assisting and coordinating trauma informed yoga teacher training. This may involve preparing and teaching a piece of … [Read more...]

The Office on Youth Internship

The Office on Youth (OOY) is a regional, commissioned agency serving the Greater Fredericksburg Region by promoting healthy and responsible behavior in youth and young adults by supporting families and providing programs that encourage positive development. OOY provides consultation, training and technical assistance with Restorative Justice (RJ)/Restorative Practices in local public schools. Our work is based on RJ philosophy and research-based practices to strengthen relationships, adding a deeper level of respect, mutual concern and dignity, between all parties in a school (teachers, students, administration, support personnel and parents).  Varied techniques are utilized for a higher chance of improvement of grades, less absences, less behavioral and discipline issues, and a decrease in suspensions and office referrals. OOY also runs the VOISE (V - vocal choice, O- ownership, I- intelligent decision making, S- social skills, E-empathy) VOISE is a 4-hour workshop focused on … [Read more...]

Compassionate Counseling, LLC

Compassionate Counseling, LLC is an outpatient mental health clinic that provides individual, family, couples, and group therapy.  Compassionate Counseling, LLC offers a Powerful Play Parenting Group and Trauma & PTSD Support Group for Women at select times. Compassionate Counseling, LLC specializes in Play Therapy with children and parents of minor children, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder with teenagers and adults, as well as co-occurring mental health / substance abuse disorders.  Compassionate Counseling is a Veteran and Christian owned mental health clinic that treats all clients equally regardless of faith, ethnicity, and / or military background.   NOTE: Internship hours can be scheduled according to the intern’s availability; however, there might be some evening hours where you will need to be available to observe sessions and / or therapy groups.  Compassionate Counseling, LLC is only open Monday through Fridays and closed on Federal Holidays. Internships are not … [Read more...]

Kenmore Club

Program Overview: Kenmore Club is a psychosocial rehabilitation program that supports adults with severe mental illness.  The program is open Monday through Friday from 8-4:30 with occasional weekend hours.  Activities at the clubhouse support individual recovery and promote community living by teaching coping, daily living, and social skills.  There are a wide variety of skill building groups including groups to enhance social skills, enhance workplace skills, and increase emotion management. The program provides access to the community through a variety including hosting presentations by partner agencies, participating in local and state events, and training on the use of public and Medicaid transportation.  Staff come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds and students can gain experience working with a variety of different specialists such including social workers and occupational rehabilitation counselors.  As a result, of staff diversity and programmatic … [Read more...]

Pinnacle Treatment Center

Pinnacle Treatment Center Pinnacle Treatment Center offers Medication Assisted Treatment.  Medication assisted treatment programs are recognized by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.)  Pinnacle Treatment Center offers “person centered  addiction treatment for substance abuse.”   Patients receive a daily dose of methadone/buprenorphine that helps to alleviate withdrawals and decreases the desire for Opioids.  PTC consists of a medical treatment team of a physician, pharmacist, nurses and substance abuse counselors.  Patients receive group and individual counseling, treatment planning, nursing assessments, annual physicals, and case management. NOTE: Internship hours can be scheduled according to the intern’s availability; however clinic hours are from 5:30am-2:00 pm. Evening Hours Available:  There are hours available in the evening from 5:30Pm to 9:30PM, Mon, Wed, Thurs. for Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use Disorder. Background … [Read more...]

Fredericksburg Department of Social Services

The Fredericksburg Department of Social Services provides comprehensive social services to the Fredericksburg community to meet the basic needs of individuals and families and to protect children and adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation. A student intern would have the opportunity to learn about both eligibility and services. Students interested in this internship should start the application process approximately 3 months prior to the semester they intend to intern to allow sufficient time for all paperwork to be processed. Duties Shadowing case workers and, when able, working as a secondary worker on specific cases in assisting with Family Services Specialist Cases (e.g., Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, and Foster Care)  Taking notes while in the field then transferring information into the state computer system. Filing and maintaining paper files when requested by protective services staff Contributing and participating in case … [Read more...]

Mary Washington Healthcare Grief Support Services

Mary Washington Grief Support Services provides bereavement services to the Fredericksburg Area.  They offer more than 15 groups per month, provide comfort and care to anyone grieving the death of a loved one, and provide children and teenagers in the area with camps and support groups in the schools.  All of their services are free and open to the community regardless of how a loved one died. Programs are peer led, and volunteer facilitators receive the appropriate training, supervision, and ongoing support from qualified bereavement staff.  Duties Interns will participate in some of the activities listed below depending on the needs of the organization as well as the student’s interest, experience, availability, and access to transportation. Supporting the facilitator of Kids Helping Kids school groups, an 8-week, school-based bereavement program (own transportation to area schools required) Promoting and recruiting schools and students as well as coordinating with … [Read more...]

Micah Ministries: Step Forward

Micah Ministries’ income development program, Step Forward, provides income-related services to individuals experiencing homelessness by assisting with the disability application process and/or offering employment and educational opportunities. This internship offers opportunities in direct service, program development, and collaboration with community partners. Duties Complete a 20-hour online training course ( outreach-access-and-recovery-soar-online-training) Interviewing Micah guests about their medical, psychiatric, legal, substance use, employment, and persona medical, psychiatric, legal, substance use, employment, and personal histories, completing a Medical Summary Report, submitting all Social Security paperwork, and acting as a liaison between the guest, Social Security, and Disability Determination Services.  Work closely with the senior Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance … [Read more...]