“I want to pursue a career using the knowledge and skills gained as a Psychology major! Where do I start?”

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Dr. Christine McBride


First, visit the website for the UMW Center for Career and Professional Development and check out their page devoted to what students can do with a major in Psychology.

Book an appointment with a Faculty Career Coach, one of whom is Dr. Christine McBride, a Psychology Professor!

You can contact the Center for Career and Professional Development by phone (540-654-5646), email (ccpd@umw.edu), or via your Handshake profile.

Handshake is an online tool designed to help provide career information, internship opportunities, employment opportunities, and career-related events that are tailored to your major and interests.



Second, check out this list of resources we curated for you!

Are you not sure what you want to do after you graduate?

  • Check out a sampling of the occupations of some of our majors, who either entered the workforce with their bachelor’s degree or who earned their master’s degree and other resources:
  • Check out this display of occupations for more ideas from Walker and Appleby (Walker, R. & Appleby, D. C. (2022). “What Can I do with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology?” Open Educational Resources. https://scholar.utc.edu/oer/3):

Are you interested in entering the workforce after obtaining your bachelor’s degree?

Are you interested in graduate school but are not sure where to begin?

You may also want to look into obtaining a copy of the latest version of APA’s Graduate Study in Psychology, as well as their application guide, Getting In: A Step-By-Step Plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology. There are lots of other books out on the market that will give you hints and tips when it comes to your applications and preparation, and the faculty can answer many of your questions as well!

Are you interested in learning what kinds of scholarships are available to students of Psychology?

Are you interested in pursuing an advanced degree that will allow you to work in a therapeutic capacity (for example, an M.S.W. or a Psy.D.)?

Are you interested in pursuing an advanced degree that will allow you to work in a research setting (for example, an M.A. or a Ph.D.)?

Are you interested in obtaining an advanced degree in health care (for example, human or animal medicine or nursing; physical or occupational therapy)?

Are you interested in pursuing a law degree?