Psychological Science Department Faculty and Staff


Department Chair and Faculty with Department Roles


Miriam Liss, Department Chair

Rosemarie Staggs, Office Manager

Holly Schiffrin, Internship Coordinator

Laura Wilson, Community Service Coordinator

Mindy Erchull, Psi Chi Advisor

                Christine McBride, Career Advisor

Virginia Mackintosh, Newsletter Editor

Jennifer Mailloux, Website Manager


All Faculty



Mindy Erchull

Miriam Liss

Christine McBride

David Rettinger

Holly Schiffrin

Associate Professors

David Kolar

Virginia Mackintosh

Jennifer Mailloux

W. David Stahlman

Hilary Stebbins

Laura Wilson

Assistant Professors

Erin Palmwood

Marcus Leppanen

      Visiting Assistant Professor


      Adjunct Professors

John Boyle

May Anne Ferrer

Peter Thaxter

        Associated Faculty from the College of Business

Kanchan Deosthali

Alexandra Dunn