Psychology Research at UMW

At the University of Mary Washington, we pride ourselves on the research that students and faculty conduct together.  Our faculty are world-renowned scholars of psychological topics like parenting, gender studies, trauma, animal learning, and more.  Below are a few links illustrating the impact of our faculty-led research.

Our students conduct their own research in courses like research methods and research seminars, and students have the opportunity to join research teams through the URES and Independent Research programs. Students have the opportunity to work on undergraduate theses independently as part of attaining Honors in Psychology. Check out recent theses.

Our students present their research annually to the department and university community, contributing not only to the UMW-wide Research and Creativity Day but also to our in-house symposium.  Check out our Virtual Showcase of Student Research.

Our students have made presentations at national and international conferences.  Below is a selection of research posters presented recently by UMW faculty, students, and alumni.



Finally, our students publish papers in scientific journals.  Below is a list of papers published recently by UMW faculty, students, and alumni.