FAQ for Future Students

Below are responses to common questions that students have about majoring in psychology.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Psychological Science Department Chair, Dr. Miriam Liss at mliss@umw.edu.

What can I do with a B.S. degree in psychology?

A lot of things!  Some of our majors go directly into the workforce in the field of psychology or other related areas.  Others go directly to graduate school.  Click here to see what else psychology majors can do with their degree.

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses covering all of the major areas in psychology including clinical/counseling, developmental, biological, cognitive, and social psychology. We also offer many specialty classes including courses in biological psychology, health, forensics, sports, sexuality, psychology of women, and positive psychology – among others! Click here to see a list and brief description of the courses we offer.

Who are your faculty, and what kind of research do they do?

There are 14 full-time faculty members in the department, each with a Ph.D. in psychology.  The faculty do research in many areas including developmental, biological, cognitive, social, and clinical psychology.  Click here for a list of faculty and a brief description of their research.

Why major in psychology at the University of Mary Washington?

For students interested in psychology, the Department of Psychological Science at the University of Mary Washington provides many opportunities to learn and apply knowledge in psychology.  In addition to the wide variety of courses we offer, students have the opportunity to complete internships (click here for a list) as well as work in small groups on independent research projects with individual faculty members.  Combined with our strong emphasis on research methodology and statistics, these out-of-class experiences give our students a competitive advantage when applying for jobs or to graduate school.

What are the specific requirements for psychology majors at the University of Mary Washington?

Click here for a list of the requirements for the psychology major.

What are some courses I should take to try out the major?

Courses in developmental, social, personality, and clinical psychology are good courses for students who are just beginning the major.  If you are certain that you are going to major in psychology, then you should make sure to take PSYC 261 – Introductory Statistics for Psychology sometime in your sophomore year or during the first semester of your junior year.

Can I get credit for dual enrollment, AP or IB Psychology?

The Department of Psychology Science requires a minimum AP exam score of 4 for a student to receive credit for PSYC 100 – General Psychology and credit for the Human Experience & Society category of UMW’s General Education Requirements.   Students with a score of 3 will receive 3 general UMW credits but to take other psychology courses, they must first take PSYC 100.  See this page for more details.