Welcome to the

University of Mary Washington

Psychological Science Department!


Students at work in our state of the art statistics lab.

Students at work in our state of the art statistics lab. (Photo by Norm Shafer).



Our department is made up of faculty who are award-winning teachers and researchers, passionate students, and amazing staff. All of us would like to show you some of the amazing things we are doing as well as the beautiful spaces in Mercer Hall where we work.



What We Do

  • Award-winning Teaching – With small classes, no teaching assistant instructors, and personalized attention, UMW’s Psychology education is second to none
  • Nationally-recognized Research – Students and faculty work together on cutting-edge research in a range of areas in psychology and across disciplines
  • Internships – Psychology students can work off campus at sites ranging from autism treatment centers to the FBI
  • Community Service – Psychology students can complete a major requirement by volunteering at a wide variety of sites in the local community

Where We Work: Mercer Hall

  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Formal and informal student spaces

Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Psi Chi – Our chapter of the Psychology honor society has been named the national chapter of the year twice
  • Department Jobs – There are job opportunities within the department for students with a range of skills and interests
  • Department RepresentativesStudents are elected as representatives so that your voice is heard on major decisions we make

Psychology Major and Neuroscience Minor Information

What can I do with a degree in Psychology?

Psychology majors are uniquely poised to enter a wide variety of professions after they graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Many students pursue a career within the field, some pursue a master’s or doctoral degree to obtain additional knowledge and skills.  However, the majority of students who earn their bachelor’s degree choose to enter into a profession other than psychology, but one that makes good use of the skills and knowledge they acquired as a psychology major. Go here for information on careers capitalizing on a psychology education: After-Graduation Guidebook to Non-Psych Jobs

Our majors engage in careers both within and outside of Psychology, including:

    • Therapy
    • Social Work
    • Teaching
    • Government Contracting
    • Human Resources

For more job possibilities with a psychology education, see this list: What can I do with a degree in Psychology?